DVD Empty

DVD Empty

Run time: 82 min
Rating: 3.8
Genres: Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi
Director: C.S. Drury
Writers: C.S. Drury, Aaron Gorvine
Stars: Ashley C. Williams, Jon Carlo, Barry McBrien
A suspenseful drama about a young couple on a road trip who get caught in the midst of a worldwide gas shortage.
Plot Keywords: catastrophe, global warming, fuel crisis, apocalypse
Country: USA
Release Date: 25 January 2011 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $10,000 (estimated)


  1. What is up with the movie world the last few years? rubbish after rubbish, and it only seems to get worse. This film sounded good, but damn with a budget of 10K I should have know better.

    This is worse than a B grader, terrible acting, horrible filming, and what was the director doing? sleeping on the set? stay away from it, it is rubbish.

    It would be great if the fantastic IMDb to let us vote less than 1, as even a 0 is being kind.

    1 out of 10 be warned it is bad! And here is some more text to insure my take on this really bad film gets excepted on the oh so great IMDb.

  2. I watch movies, especially B movies. I admit I am a glutton for punishment because I love zombie flicks and most of them are horrible. I find good in almost every movie I watch. This movie has nothing to make it redeemable.

    But, no zombie movie I have ever seen (and that includes the Italian zombie flicks) approached the movie "Empty" for absolutely trash. The lead female (Ashley C. Williams) might be able to act, but she never demonstrates it here. The lead male needs to find a line of work that has nothing to do with show business for he never even approached being a believable character.

    They had a basic idea of societal breakdown following a lack of gasoline worldwide, which has many opportunities for great story but they found none of them. Both "Piper" and "Dell" are utterly unlikeable characters who spend the entire time demonstrating zero charisma or chemistry. The female lead has lines written to show her as a vapid silly little twit, as an example, she begs her boyfriend to stop hitting the guy who just attacked them and (for a young broke couple) throws money away like a Hilton-Heiress while her boyfriend is presented as a jobless loser with a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas and the reasoning ability of a drunken pre-teen. Both of them take every dangerous path, every ignorant path and every self-damaging path they are offered.

    Both of them treat each other like enemies rather than lovers or friends, and the male lead is basically a whiny child. While watching this movie I kept hoping they would both be tortured to death graphically for hours so I could enjoy their karmic reward but it never happens. It is reported that this movie had a budget of US$10000, and I have to assume they spent USD$9999 of it on getting drunk enough to make them think it was worth doing.

    IMDb shows it as having a rating of 4.7/10 from 176 users, I have to assume that over 100 of those votes came from the family and friends of the cast and crew.

  3. The basic notion is actually a decent-enough premise for a story: a gas crisis leads to a rapid breakdown of society. Fair enough.

    However, the acting is so amateurish and the sets so poor that it really does have all the production values of a mid-range porn flick. To be fair, the female lead seems to have sufficient credibility but literally everyone else is awful.

    The music consists of some 'Deer Hunter'-inspired acoustic guitar plucking and is often accompanied by extended scenes of the countryside. It feels like an advert for a 10-cd, easy-listening pack.

    I thoroughly recommend not bothering with this; it is utterly unrewarding as a film experience.

  4. I understand that this is an independent film with a small budget, but there is so many plot holes and unmotivated behaviors in this movie that it is so unpleasing to watch. I'm a big inde fan, but only when the acting and directing can compensate for the budget. The ending of this movie is probably the worst I've seen in years. All and all I would say if you're really bored and have run out of all other options give it a go, but this movie is an absolute waste of time and energy. Trust me I hate being hard on an inde film, but this has to be one of the worst films I've seen in the last ten years. AVOID AT ALL COSTS…

    As far as the plot holes.. well the idea is that America has depleted its gas supply and we follow one couples journey for survival in these semi-apocalyptic times. Here's where we run into the big problems. There are many alternative energy sources outside of Gas in America, people would be able to get around just fine with Bicycles and a Gas Depletion would be seen months if not years in advance. There would be conservation limits set into effect and certain non gas efficient vehicles would be outlawed. In the film Europe is stated as conserving their gas with the shortage and if this were true than Europe would be helping America out through this depletion. This film takes a great idea and rushes to chaos. There would be months and months of back story that should have been somehow included into this story that were left out. There is really to many plot holes to write here. The ending was the most ridiculous I've seen in years. If you can manage to sit through the horrid performance and unbelievable story all the way to the end you will know exactly what I'm talking about. If you want something that is an Inde Flick that is similar to this but is executed properly I might suggest, "Monsters" "Carriers" or even "Stakeland" these are all amazing inde Flicks that this movie can't even come close to competing with.

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