DVD Erkek tarafi testosteron

DVD Erkek tarafi testosteron
DVD Erkek tarafi testosteron

Rating: 4.1
Genres: Comedy | Drama
Director: Ilksen Basarir
Writers: Kemal Aydogan, Ilksen Basarir
Stars: Mert Firat, Timur Acar, Ercan Cihan
Country: Turkey
Release Date: 22 November 2013 (Turkey)


  1. In fact this is the Turkish version of Andrzej Saramonowicz's Testosteron. And I have watched the theatrical version of it and liked it.The theatrical version was funny, clever but a little slang. At the theatrical version the actors were having fun of their play and their roles. But in Turkish version of this clever and sharp play maybe just cause of cultural differences of the audiences I have seen many cinema audience left the theater in the middle of the movie. It is not an abnormal behavior cause of unsuccessful acts of the actors at this Turkish version. I also saw a very big mistake ; cinema audiences do not like excessive slang and it doesn't matter if it is clever or not! I gave 5 point over 10 just cause of a respect to labor.The interesting thing some players were acting in theatrical version of this play and they were very successful.

  2. I hated every second of movie when I was in Cinema Salon. I could not sit through the whole movie. There is not much to write about the movie at all because there was nothing interested about this movie. It was cheap production movie. I would like to post this review so that nobody should go to this movie. I have never post a review before but after watching this movie, I felt that It is my duty to post this review. A lots of people at Cinema Salon felt same way and they left without finishing the movie as well. It was not funny at all, there was a very bad drama scenes with bad acting of the actors. This movie can not fulfill any watchers need at its any point. It will not make you happy or feel the drama. I do not understand why would make movie like this one. I have watch a lots of bad productions before but this one was the worse. The bad language jokes and ext.

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