DVD Extinction: The G.M.O. Chronicles

DVD Extinction: The G.M.O. Chronicles
DVD Extinction: The G.M.O. Chronicles

Run time: 110 min
Rating: 4.6
Genres: Drama | Horror
Director: Niki Drozdowski
Writers: Ralf Betz, Niki Drozdowski
Stars: Daniel Buder, Luise Bähr, Jerry Coyle
The remaining survivors of pan-global epidemic face a race against time to find a cure before they succumb to its zombie-inducing effects. Holed up in an abandoned military base, Tom and his fellow survivors, their numbers dwindling with each successive day, desperately search for a way of stopping the outbreak and returning their lives to normal. Unfortunately for them, it soon becomes clear that the virus has mutated, turning those affected into rabid, cannabalistic creatures. Can Tom and his friends find a way to stop the seemingly inevitable, or are they doomed to a grizzly fate? Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: survivor, epidemic, alive, corpse, bullet wound
Country: Germany
Release Date: 17 November 2011 (Germany)


  1. I'm a avid Zombie enthusiast,always on the look out for a new zombie flick to get my kicks. In a sea of B horror movies, with poor screen writing and even worse acting, this movie was a real breath of fresh air. I usually watch movies depending on views and rating all of which this movie lacked, yet I was in the mood to give it a try. It has a interesting plot with pretty good acting compared to most zombie movies on the market. Also all of the zombie blasting, head-shot galore really helped the drama and dialogue to run smooth.This may not become a cult classic, or franchise but it was diffidently worth the 1.45mins. So if your looking for some Zombie killing action, the buck stops here! Enjoy and I hope my sole reviews makes enough of a good impression on you to give it a watch!


  2. In a time when It seems like every time you turn around there is a new Zombie flick, It's hard to get excited for one even though I love the genre. This breaks the mold and really takes on a few things from other movies that worked and combined them into this one. This is a good ass kicking film that doesn't bore the viewer with dull things like going out to get supplies for 15 minutes or boring drama between the actors. It has a great pace and keeps everything believable for nearly 90 minutes then there is a few parts that are iffy, but the acting is great-the action is great and the film set is absolutely perfect. One thing that made the film great was the constant mutation of the dead and the great speed and ape like attacks of some other ones, you just never new what to expect! It gave me a near 28 Days Later feel throughout and that is cool, check it out it's worth the time..

  3. This film was worth a view,for zombie film lovers.it has good acting,and a good story line.it starts off as a lot of these type of films do,and follows the same plot as most-the world is affected by a virus ,that leaves about 90 % of the world dead,and looking for a warm meal…some un-affected people make a stand ,and try to find a safe place to survive.my only real problem i had with the movie was some of the camera work(i HATE "shakey-cam" effect)-other than that ,its worth a view!-some good make-up s.p.f.x.,and some cool shots make it cool.i,m a sucker for any zombie movie,thats NOT a comedy. the locations are great,and a lot of cool places were used to set up some good scene,s.i was lucky enough to see a screener of this film last year,while it was still in post production.it has a gritty sort of look,and its not like the basic Hollywood type of film,with a real happy ending.the end of the world will not be shiny,or happy,and i like movies that don't show things working out like that,because we all know ,thats NOT how things really are.

  4. With the exception of a lack of gritty "realism" .. aka .. filthy clothing .. straggly beards .. showers .. toilets .. food .. this was a typical journey story. The search for a safe haven from the mutating zombies. Not that many movies give you that gritty dirty body-odor feel in a survival situation. I don't miss it either. Fact of the matter is that most movies brought to that level of realism is a turn off for most viewers. (By golly .. did anyone see them packing toilet paper with them and want to see them use the toilet as well?) The acting was good to excellent. The dialogue was realistic .. for the most part. The soundtrack did just what it was supposed to do .. enhance the scene without being obtrusive.

    The two scenes that irritated me the most .. the prisoner living in a cell for 16 days and acting nonchalant about everything given the fact his only water was in the toilet (earlier it was shown that running water was not available) .. and the father's confessional about his NSA life along with his daughter's reaction to overhearing it. Although it was a good touch when the prisoner got sick right after eating .. obviously due to his lack of food during his abandonment in the cell.

    The final scene that irritated me was a gimmick scene for the threat of nuclear radiation sickness. Very poor bit about the nuclear power plant melting down. Nuclear reactors have (in the free world anyway) a lot of safety features built into them. The probability of a Chernobyl type of release of nuclear materials is rather slim .. not impossible .. just pretty slim.

    The most interesting idea here was the various types of zombies. The walkers .. the runners .. the climbers .. the screamers .. gave a new dimension to the zombie genre. Although the idea of a plant type virus mutating such that it infects humans (notice that animals didn't seem to be affected?) and causes them to mutate as well is pretty far fetched.

    In the final analysis .. if you like some action .. you like interpersonal relationships .. a bit of a new idea in having various types of zombies roaming the countryside .. all with a penchant for living human flesh (what self-respecting zombie wouldn't be a brainless flesh eater?) .. then you won't go far wrong watching this one.

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