DVD Girl boy bakla tomboy

DVD Girl boy bakla tomboy

Rating: 5.3
Genres: Comedy
Director: Wenn V. Deramas
Writers: Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario
Stars: Vice Ganda, Maricel Soriano, Joey Marquez
The quadruplets are united again when one of them needs a liver transplant but resentment due to their separation threatens their reunion.
Country: Philippines
Release Date: 25 December 2013 (Philippines)


  1. Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy is a movie with Vice Ganda playing four roles who each have distinct sexualities. That concept might sound like a gimmick for the comedian to show the fans his new heights of entertainment and laughs. Since that is the whole case of the movie, it does the job neatly. Though the typical style of Wenn Deramas is still there, but the film provides an emotional core to make up after all of those endless antics. While people would still find it corny, the decent achievement still makes it entertaining.

    It never really bothers about the genders of the titular characters, that seems to only describe their personalities. It's more focused on their relationship to each other. That is the deepest moments of the film. Of course, the comedy still owns the entire film. The director definitely never abandons his trademark: they deliver punchlines that are taken literally, some random fantasy stuff happening, and sped up moments. It might be a little exasperating, but otherwise they work as long as the talents hold it. Vice Ganda's versatility here is pretty effective. The film is already fun enough when the actor is just goofing around. The rest is as enthusiastic as the star.

    Personally seeing this film is a coincidence, but I still don't have much to say other than its impressive achievements. Well, it's not at the highest degree of the genre, but the people behind made it reasonably entertaining and funny. I guess that's already enough to make people happy about it, in fact the plot it has is not a bad one either. In the end, Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy exists to please the fans of Vice Ganda, otherwise you would have to embrace the silliness that it bounds to help you tag along.

  2. My first share of MMFF2013 movie was Direk Wenn Deramas' Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy starring Vice Ganda. When it was anticipated that the latter will be doing Sisterakas sequel, with Kris Aquino and Ai-ai delas Alas similar to last year, a solo movie with four different characters was offered to him.

    According to showbiz news, the role was initially offered to Sweet Lapus but eventually given to Vice Ganda.

    Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy maybe one of Direk Wenn Deramas' signature uplifting the gay/LGBT community to another level after doing Bekikangs.

    I would say that this movie was similar to Bromance with a twist of four characters instead of two. While Bromance was a rivalry between two brothers separated and got back together, this movie quadrupled the story with four different sexual preferences.

    Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy is a story of betrayal, forgiveness and moving on. A loving mother (Maricel Soriano), a cowardly father (Joey Marquez) and the quadruplets (Vice Ganda) who portrays a girl who claims to be a model, a boy who claims to be a racer with Hepatitis, a bakla (gay) who's bitter since their father left them, and a tomboy (lesbian) who claims to be a singer with anemia.

    Four of them were separated the moment their grandmother (Joy Viado) flew to the states with the two babies who apparently were raised to be girl and boy. The other two were left behind with their mom, grew up in the farm and became bakla and the other a tomboy.

    The reunion was staged when Peter (boy), needs a liver transplant and Mark (tomboy) was the only compatible twin.

    The plot heated when unsettled differences and issues were raised, and their parents' unresolved issue was added.

    In case the movie was starred by Sweet Lapus, will it have the same impact to the viewers? I, personally would say YES! The fact that Direk Wenn Deramas can wave his wand to make an experimental movie to a blockbuster. No doubt the ratings would still be the same. He already did it when Zanjoe Marudo takes on Bromance.

  3. As expected, the Vice Ganda-starrer "Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy" under Star Cinema would break box-office records. For that, I would like to congratulate all the producers and staff of the movie for a job well done. Personally, I believe that the movie deserves all these successes because it's a marvelous comedy-flick movie that will make everyone inside the cinema laugh, cry, and entertained.

    Like most of Wenn Deramas' movie, the synthesis of family drama and farce was gratifyingly made, making the movie worth to watch despite its high-priced tickets. Once you watch this movie, it makes you feel satisfied and indulged by the end of the story.

    Vice Ganda's versatility as an actor was featured all throughout the movie. The portrayal of Vice on different persons with altered personalities and with dissimilar sexual orientations alone revealed his talent in acting while making people hoot. All the other characters in the movie, especially the character of Maricel Soriano, were also decently depicted.

    The way of humor used by Vice Ganda was very effective, making everyone watching the movie laugh once in a while. The family drama also was effectually able to highlight the waggish and witty parts of the movie. On the other hand, the brilliantly written script undeniably brought several laughs and chuckles from the audience.

    The plot was delightful especially for the Filipino taste, highlighting the importance of family bonds in the Filipino culture. It was also effective to show the characteristics of a typical Filipino family, and typical Filipino parents and siblings.

    On the technical aspects of the movie, hands down for the visual effects that they used in video dubbing the four characters of Vice Ganda. I'm pretty certain that creating such kind of effect is not easy to do and is not easy to perform, especially that most of the scenes display four faces of Vice Ganda, unlike other movies with twin characters that usually uses doubles in conversations. Some 3D animations were somehow disappointing. It could have been improved, should they made it appear more realistic. The camera rolling, on the other hand, was creative enough for a farce movie like this. The musical scoring also was fit for most of the scenes.

    All-in-all, "Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy" is a wonderful comedy movie for every Filipino family.

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