DVD Go for It!

DVD Go for It!

Run time: 105 min
Rating: 3.7
Genres: Drama | Musical
Director: Carmen Marron
Writers: Carmen Marron
Stars: Aimee Garcia, Al Bandiero, Jossara Jinaro
Carmen is a good student with a bad attitude who lives for dancing in the underground clubs of Chicago. She yearns to be ‘somebody’ but is afraid to believe in herself. Her immigrant Mexican, working-class parents want her to stay in school and get an education, so she attends junior college while working at a grocery store. Carmen’s professor catches her performing one day in the neighborhood and challenges her to audition to a formal dance school in California. She gets into a fight with her chaotic family and runs away to her best friend Gina’s place only to find out Gina’s been getting beat up by her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Carmen’s boyfriend, Jared wants her to commit and move in with him. Pulled apart in every direction, her dream of dancing fades. Can Carmen overcome her fears and take the biggest chance of her life, or will she succumb to her self-doubt? Written by Los Angeles Latino Film Festival
Plot Keywords: imperative in title, three word title, punctuation in title, exclamation point in title
Country: USA
Release Date: 13 May 2011 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $2,450,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $119,714 (USA) (13 May 2011)
Gross: $178,739 (USA) (27 May 2011)


  1. I am not only a fan of dance movies, but also a dancer and a fellow independent filmmaker/producer/actor. I always go out and watch and support every independent filmmaker who makes a movie on dancing, because that is my passion. I have to say I was very disappointed by this movie. When I found out they spent over $2.4 million on this movie, I was very sad!!

    There are so many talented filmmakers who could have made this movie better for half the budget. I give the director credit for finishing a movie, and getting it distributed, but that doesn't mean anything when the people that financed this movie will never recover even half of their investments.

    I am not a hater. I wanted to love this movie, and I payed money to rent it from blockbuster. Here is my constructive feedback for the director: The DP work was horrible, he has no idea how to film a dance movie. Half the dance routines can't be seen properly, and isn't that the reason people go to watch dance movies?? I guess I can blame the editor or the director, but a DP should have guided the first time director. SECOND, the lighting is so horrible, it makes the whole experience unpleasant. Look, a dance movie is meant for a younger audience, bright lighting not only sets an upbeat fun mood, but it's better visually when we are trying to watch the dancing. I am sorry, nice effort on the directors part, but before you go out and spend that kind of money, please do the research, watch other successful movies in that genre. I am watching this movie as I am writing this, and I am so annoyed that I cannot even see the dancing clearly to enjoy this movie. The acting was not bad, which is a step up from most dance movies. Directing was OK, minus directing the dance scenes. I give the director credit for finishing a movie for sure, but her lack of experience clearly shows through out the movie. What I am saying is also clearly evident by the box office outcome.

    ALSO: Stop having friends write reviews. It's funny when someone compares this movie to Good Will Hunting. That's a joke right!!! This kind of stuff undermines the director's efforts and talent even more. Look, the fact is, she is work in progress, let her bloom. Don't fill her head with BS. A real criticism will make her a stronger and better filmmaker. Don't feed her ego with garbage. Sorry if this critique offends anyone, but I say it as I see it. I am very critical of my own work as well, and I'm always striving to learn and grow myself. Good luck to the director, and I hope you keep making movies and you keep getting better.

  2. First i wanted to try my SONY TV on 3D.I ordered by mistake on ebay this movie as it was the cheapest 3D Blu-ray DVD .I put it on on 3D ,there was not any effect of 3D at all …After i continue watching on normal blue- ray..half way i cut it off cause on meaning of the movie totally rubbish movie never see such a worst and no passion movie to watch..No dance Technic or happy to watch,just low life people on it.Lets break it down a bit the meaning of this movie.. -no dance ,not good ca-rater to play .first of all it started OK by giving a school teenager life wanted to dance but after went all wrong by putting the teacher into student live fixing – never can been teacher fixing your live problem into movie ,it doesn't make any sense how the director putting on this movie ..Sec by killing her room mate from other guy ,what that has to do into dance movie …killing people about krackheads problem cause the didn't let them to have sex… Im totally Million % give a big 1 out of 10 (1/10)

  3. Dance films can be quite entertaining because they provide movement which means a lot of action for the viewer's eyes. Of course, there is the question of story. It's dance but is it interesting? Fortunately, this film has both. For the first 1/3 of the film one must be patient because the director takes her time to setup the story. The viewer is rewarded with an entertaining, intense, and uplifting last 2/3 of the film. Street dancing is still popular all over the world's major cities and not just in the U.S. This is Ms. Marron's first film project and to deliver such a story on such a low budget is inspiring to any new filmmaker. A must see because it is just not "another" dance film.

  4. On a shoestring budget Carmen Marron has produced a wonderful first film. She obviously has a big heart and great compassion for the underdog. Her actors portray their characters in a believable manner and the cultural values of the community are realistically represented. The high energy dance scenes provide a perfect complement to the compelling plot line. There is a good mixture of the harsh reality of life in the projects juxtaposed with the joy from dancing that the lead character has, and this also personifies her personal struggle between breaking away and continuing on a path that will perpetuate the generational cycle of poverty and dysfunction.

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