DVD God’s Faithful Servant: Barla

DVD God’s Faithful Servant: Barla
DVD God’s Faithful Servant: Barla
Run time: 108 min
Rating: 6.1
Genres: Animation | Biography | Drama
Director: Orhan Öztürk Esin
Writers: Zeynep Kayadelen, Ridvan Kiziltepe
Stars: Faruk Akgören, Ugur Aslanoglu, Murat Aydin
Having been one of the most eminent scholars of the recent past, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s Barla life.
Plot Keywords: exile
Country: Turkey
Release Date: 4 November 2011 (Turkey)
Box Office
Budget: TRL 4,000,000 (estimated)


  1. Last night, at last we had chance to see that animation-film.Although it is an animation, I think it is for the adults. Firstly,it is the best animation made by Turks and in Turkey. The colours,reflections,nature,human,streets and Barla are greatly animated. Especially I like the lake animation best. The color of the lake takes you away. Maybe the facial expressions can be developed. When it is compared with Ice Age, I think the facial expressions are not successful as in Ice Age's. On the other hand, the subject or the message is basic and clear. Thank all the people who work for this film and go this film.

  2. The best sample of the Turkish animation movies, without a doubt. To be honest, i wouldn't imagine that, Turkish people are capable of making a great animation-movie like "Allah'in Sadik Kulu". It's not first class, i have to admit that. But, i watched a decent work. It seems to be, there will be other animations about Bediuzzaman. And i expect them to be better.

    The movie is all about a man, named Said Nursi(aka Bediuzzaman). Nursi was thought to be a genius. He became a teacher, when he was just 16. When the World War 1 began, he joined to the militia forces of the Eastern Army of The Ottoman Empire. History books say that, Said Nursi was a brilliant soldier. While defending a city, he was captured by the Russian Army. He was a prisoner in Russia for a long time. Then, he run away and made to Istanbul. Istanbul was occupied by United Kingdom that time. So, Said Nursi began to work on organizing protest over the British Occupation.

    When the WW 1 was over, Said Nursi was invited to the National Assmbly of the new government of Ankara. He gave a few speech to the deputies. And he was offered to be a part of the new government. Said Nursi refused that offer(because of his principals) and went to his village in Van.

    Said Nursi was loved by people. So, the new government of Mustafa Kemal began to think him as a threat. They decided to sent him into exile. Compulsions, arrests, isolations, even poisonings followed that exile.

    The movie "Allah'in Sadik Kulu: Barla" is about the beginning of Said Nursi'is exile; which, you may find interesting, if you are into Turkish nearby future, policy and Islamic movements.

    The movie is far away from being a waste of time or money. If you want to find a review of the movie in Turkish language, you may use that link(which belongs to me); http://bit.ly/rzZ7hI

    ps: Sorry for the poor English. I don't have enough time and am not a native English speaker. So, take it easy with me:)

  3. I recommend all the people to listen the film's musics even they don't have a chance to see the movie. They are wonderful. This movie was seen above one million in Turkey, this is a huge number, because these kind of movies generally cannot seen too much, because as this films' includes, a religious man, people generally want to see comedy like this, but this film I think shows that; people also want to see religious characters' movies. This is a reason of Turkish people's demand, because government blocks all the religious things in 1930-1980. And this lead people to search and understand religious people, who has shown as a bad man in that period. Thanks.

  4. Like Fetih 1453, this film about Said Nursi, one of the 20th century's greatest Muslim leaders and thinkers, symbolizes the reawakening that Turkey has been experiencing in recent years: namely, that its historical greatness is rooted not only in morality, but also in the unconventional THINKING that it spawned. The film exposes the hypocrisy of so-called progressives whose idea of advancement comprises nothing more than mimicking contemporary superpowers; faux-liberals who smash anything that threatens the mediocrity and underachievement that typifies their rule and existence.

    While Muslims around the world celebrate and remember Said Nursi, no one remembers nor celebrates his oppressors; and no one (outside of Turkey, for certain) celebrates nor remembers the specter whose photo hangs above their hollow heads until this day. The tactics the Turkish government employed against the sheikh are no different than what we see happening against President Morsi and the Muslim Brothers in Egypt today.

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