DVD Gone Hollywood

DVD Gone Hollywood
DVD Gone Hollywood

Rating: 4.2
Genres: Romance
Director: Demetrius Navarro
Writers: Demetrius Navarro, David Rice
Stars: Fernando Carrillo, Erlinda Navarro, Valente Rodriguez
Al gets an inheritance from his dad- but there’s a catch, he must go back home to reopen his dad’s bar. Along the way, he finds laughter and a woman who might change the course of his life.
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011 (USA)

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  1. Family friendly movie with a lot of unpretentious charm. Nice los lonely boys sound track. The actor playing Louie was actually raised in the small town"elsa" Easy to watch.

    My wife and I rented this to watch on a Monday night. Not as dramatic or as heart wrenching as watching Tony Romo throw five interceptions. But a nice ground game keeps the film moving at a steady pace. Watch for the state championship football trophy carelessly left on the bedroom floor of his fathers house by Alberto the lead character.(just like a real ex-jock who has gone on to bigger things might do.) Worth watching.

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