DVD Gone with the Pope

DVD Gone with the Pope
DVD Gone with the Pope

Run time: 83 min
Rating: 6.7
Genres: Crime
Director: Duke Mitchell
Writers: Duke Mitchell
Stars: Duke Mitchell, Lorenzo Dardado, Jim LoBianco
Plot Keywords: prison, abductor, criminal, abducted pope, pope in disguise
Country: USA
Release Date: 12 March 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $100,000 (estimated)


  1. I got a chance to view this film on 35mm in Rochester New York with my brother. Bob did a Q&A after the screening to explain how he acquired the film and the editing process. I love gone with the pope. It is very funny, a little bit of violence, very charming and I must say one of best undiscovered films out there. Highly recommend checking it out on 35mm – heads up to Grind house with the 35mm film print. Very clean print and crisp audio. I've seen many of the grind house releases on 35mm and Gone with the Pope is absolutely the best, considering the sources grind house had to work with. If you are a fan of 70'S grind house/mobster type of movies then def check this out on its road show tour on 35mm film.

  2. Saw a midnight screening of Gone with the Pope at the New Beverly. They usually screen it once a month and I hope it's a mainstay there for a long time. It is a BLAST! It's not Goodfellas so leave your cynicism at home. Gone with the Pope is grindhouse/independent filmmaking at it's best. It's a gritty, don't give a toss mobster masterpiece that is hilarious on so many levels. Loaded with unforgettable scenes and quotable lines that I'll leave up to you to go out and experience for yourself. You can see how much love and effort went into making this film outweighing any of it's imperfections. Big thanks to Bob Murawski and Sage Stallone for tracking down this gem and getting it out to the masses.

  3. Being a major fan of Duke Mitchell's film Massacre Mafia Style, I couldn't wait to see Gone With the Pope, and I was not disappointed. Seeing the pristine, restored print in a theater was great fun, and Bob Murawski, who won the Academy Award for editing The Hurt Locker, did a great job resurrecting Duke Mitchell's lost masterpiece. Bringing Gone With the Pope to the world has been a passion of Bob's and it shows. Grindhouse Releasing has done some amazing re-releases, especially Cannibal Holocaust, I Drink Your Blood, and now Gone With the Pope is the next hit on their roll.

    If you're unfamiliar with the work of Duke Mitchell, just wait until you see Massacre Mafia Style, which Grindhouse will also have on DVD soon, and if Gone With the Pope comes to your neck of the woods, be in, don't be in the way.

  4. After viewing the trailer since it first came out, and showing it to all my friends I would say I was VERY MUCH looking forward to seeing this film.

    Man was I disappointed…They threw every good part of the film into the trailer and all of the good lines in it just ended up being throw-away dialogue in the actual story.

    There are a few good scenes in this film, but they could have turned this into an amazing 15 minute short instead of making me suffer. It's crazy to think that from an original 5 hour rough cut they couldn't find better material to pack into this film. It also didn't help at all that there must not have been a focus puller for this film, and roughly 1/4 of the film is all out of focus. The sound mix is barely audible as well.

    Save your money, watch the trailer…watch it again and again so you may imagine that Gone With the Pope is a great film.

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