DVD Haiti Bride

DVD Haiti Bride
DVD Haiti Bride
Run time: 67 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Drama | Romance
Director: Robert Kenneth Ramesar
Writers: Robert Kenneth Ramesar
Stars: Enice Lerine, Fabienne Lerine, Joanne Francois
Haiti Bride is a narrative feature that follows the flight of a Haitian family to New York after the removal of President Aristides in 2004. Vowing never to return to their native land after their evacuation, her parents are understandably livid when their daughter Marie-Therese subsequently meets and falls in love with a Haitian man, Paul, who is visiting New York. She wants to marry him and live in Haiti, though he wants to re-settle in the US. A compromise is struck and the wedding is set for Haiti, with the couple promising to return to the US after their honeymoon. Unfortunately, the wedding date is set for the the afternoon of January 12 2010 — the day and time of the earthquake. Written by Anonymous
Country: Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti

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