DVD Hell at My Heels

DVD Hell at My Heels
DVD Hell at My Heels
Run time: 80 min
Rating: 3.8
Genres: Western
Director: Brett Kelly
Writers: Brett Kelly, Trevor Payer
Stars: Mac Dale, Phil Dukarsky, Christine Emes
Two men are chained together and left to die in the unforgiving, scorching desert sun. With revenge on their minds, they are forced to overcome the elements so that they can kill the sadistic scoundrel that left them to die.
Country: Canada
Release Date: 23 August 2011 (Canada)
Box Office
Budget: CAD 500,000 (estimated)

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  1. I give it a 7/10 . We all love a good western and we all miss John Wayne and of course- Clint Eastwood, and the list goes on. This movie is missing those actors but in my opinion is keeping the Western movies going.Hell on my heels is about a Sheriff (Mason). wakes up in a dessert handcuffed to another and has to carry that person- believed to be dead. Quite a good solid story and good acting and the scenery is also better than most -in house cheaper productions. Well worth a watch if you like a western. Of course you could pick holes in the whole movie as like other movies. Such as- why did they not shoot the chains off when they overtook their ambushers. Thats what makes it unique.-That probably never happened back then.

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