DVD Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass

DVD Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass
DVD Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass
Run time: 99 min
Rating: 3.6
Genres: Comedy | Sci-Fi
Director: Pat Tremblay
Writers: Pat Tremblay
Stars: Jamie Abrams, Paula Davis, Navin Pratap
John Glass, wakes up in a desolated barn from a long cryogenic slumber, to be informed that not only the planet has been devastated by a third world war, but reduced to little habitability by a subsequent alien invasion. He also learns that in order to reestablish a livable atmosphere for what’s left of humanity, he’ll have to go on a solitary mission to retrieve important codes dispersed in remote locations. Soon enough, he’ll encounter more than he bargained for: aliens, crazy survivors, inadequate equipment, LOTS of walking and a pretty unhealthy dose of bad luck. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: alien, walking, cryogenics, walking sequence, post world war three
Country: Canada
Release Date: 15 September 2011 (Germany)


  1. I can only guess why this movie is only rated around 3, and my guesses are that not too many people who watched this movie votes in IMDb and most of those who did where simply those who didn't liked. I saw that 3.2 and i felt it was my duty to say something good about it.

    I loved this movie, specially because it's weirdness. and that's what holds this movie: IT'S ORIGINAL! …at least as far as i know, i'v never seen a movie like this, and that's why i think people can dislike it too, those who expect to watch a more normal, fast and action packed movie will be totally disappointed.

    If You like Weird Movies, Strange Stories, Dark Humor and you don't care about the budget of a movie:


    However, the slowness might be a little too much so if you are not used to slow quiet movies, it Will be bored. Not a good one to watch with friends.

    -light spoilers ahead-

    The special effects are CHEAP, some people hate that, i actually liked them this time. Cheap effects plus that grainy film made it kinda nostalgic to me.

    And Yes… It is SLOW and kinda silent, most of the time we only hear the inner voice of the protagonist… but that's what the main character has to face too, So you can actually feel the fatigue, despair and confusion he faces, mixed with some random dark humor once in a while as he walk.

    -end of spoilers-

    It's a strange movie that Will surprise you if you give it chance, I'll give it an 8, mainly for originality.

  2. Guy wakes up in the future wearing a rubber suit and walks from one dilapidated barn to another trying to figure out stuff. It stinks. Movie was shot all grainy and washed out. Gives new meaning to the term, "low budget". Jesus, what an awful movie. Heavy metal soundtrack drowns out dialogue. I got suckered in and bought this on a whim. Please don't make the same mistake that I made. At one point, he digs a hole and puts his head in it. Can't say I blame him. It was just bad, okay? A Canadian production. Thank god you can't blame this on some American film maker. The sale of the one DVD I bought probably put the film in the black, that's how low the production values were. Ugh. Don't EVER watch this.

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