DVD Heroin

DVD Heroin
DVD Heroin
Run time: 87 min
Rating: 6.1
Genres: Drama
Director: Rene Houwen
Writers: Rene Houwen
Stars: Eva Puschendorf, Mads Wittermans
Jos wakes up in a homeless shelter in Groningen (North of the Netherlands). It’s a place to stay for the night. At 10am the street life starts over again. Come rain or shine. It doesn’t matter if you’re ill or don’t feel like leaving. At 10pm people are welcome again. For Jos, this is a day like many other, or isn’t it? No, today is different. Jos has a plan. He wants to make amends. Can he convince his ex girlfriend? And his friends? That it’s all going to be different now? Jos wants to change. No more drinking. No coke, heroin or other junk. Never again. It’s now or never. Well, maybe this week? Jos really wants to change. Starting today, well……at least tomorrow. Written by Anonymous
Country: Netherlands
Release Date: 22 June 2013 (Russia)

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