DVD Housefull 2

DVD Housefull 2
DVD Housefull 2

Run time: 145 min
Rating: 5.1
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Sajid Khan
Writers: Farhad, Farhad
Stars: Akshay Kumar, Asin, John Abraham
Housefull 2 is about the Kapoor family. Daboo and Chintu are brothers but they hate each other to the core. Even their wives and daughters hate each other. Both claim that they are going to get the richest son-in-law for their daughter. Aakhri Pasta, a marriage counselor, brings Jai’s parents to Chintu, but Pasta says the wrong things and Chintu abuses Jai’s father, who suffers a heart attack. Jai seeks revenge, which turns into a comedic disaster. Written by Housefull lover123
Plot Keywords: real life brothers playing brothers, brother brother conflict, sequel by name only, rivalry, beach
Country: India
Release Date: 5 April 2012 (UK)
Box Office
Budget: INR 450,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $847,132 (USA) (6 April 2012)
Gross: $1,503,059 (USA) (20 April 2012)


  1. I had to give 1 star because there is no lower possible rating. I don't know what sajid khan thinking or (fully drunk) when he made this movie. Did he watch it himself before releasing it? If he did watch it, and still release it, he takes us to be absolutely dumb idiots.

    Have you ever tried tickling someone very hard to make him laugh? Well, it felt that way. Only it wasn't tickly, but painful! All the situations, gags, jokes were warped and senseless. I'd rather spend 3 hours watching ants crawling.

    The only saving grace was was chunky pandey. His gags did make me smile occasionally. Anyway, I think it is a waste of time writing about the movie. Only, I feel terrible for the unwary ones who are planning to go to watch it.

  2. Rotten tomatoes would had been a better option than Housefull 2.

    If Housefull was crap then Housefull 2 is a crap train.

    Its full of isolated non sense stuff that transcends the requirement of a filmmaking.

    Nowadays producers know a secret formula….Skinshow and India's ever increasing population. They know that India is such as place where there would never be any investment for hockey fields bu rather a whole lot of money will be thrown away to set up multiplexes to welcome movies like Houseful 2 & Players.

    Even though its way short of everything except non sense India is that country who would even stampede in order to run to theaters and get an early seat to watch these movies.

    I would go for N/10 – Non Sense

  3. The much anticipated movie turned out to be the real disappointment. I do not understand what these people are trying to project from such movies ? I went with an anticipation of light comedy without using brain but since the movie made my brain go numb, I took a nap in between. Too many loose strings and plots and sub-plots and sub-plots without any relevance among themselves lead to ultimate confusion and in between I was searching for some laughing material which never came till the end.

    All the talented actors have been wasted under poor direction from Sajid Khan. No continuity, no screenplay and even the songs suck.

    Do not waste the money, even if you have plenty ! Because your brain damage will be more expensive affair.

  4. Sajid Khan should try his luck in Las Angeles. He made an Above Average which turned out to be a Block Buster than came Housefull which was plain average but again a block buster. Now with housefull 2 his wish to make disgusting movie is fulfilled. But again a super hit

    This is the most confusing movie ever in world cinema. It makes a complete mockery of cinema. Their is no plot in the movie to discuss, but again this a brainless comedy. Now is this a comedy movie. It doesn't make you laugh in fact it is an acid test for your funny bone. If someone can laugh in this movie than he should not watch great comedy or he will die laughing.

    Performance wise Akshay did the great job but lines are so bad that he won't make you laugh. John is not good at comedy but he tried his best. Ritesh is as he is. Shreyas is a good actor and he deserve better role. Pity here is that Rishi Kapoor who has just given an outstanding Do Dooni Chaar and Agneepath is given a worst character to play. Randhir Kapoor is an average actor but again his character is similar to Rishi's. Mithun is brilliant but he is not their to make you laugh. Boman has 10mins role. Sorry but no need to tell about actresses.

    I wonder when will Sajid deliver flop as I want him to come back to hosting shows. But no time soon as he is delivering blockbusters. This movie is no better than some c grade comedies like Buddha mar Gaya or Chatur Singh.

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