DVD I Am a Great Man

DVD I Am a Great Man
DVD I Am a Great Man
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Alex Crowley
Writers: Joseph Baker, Alex Crowley
Stars: Clifford Allison, Joseph Baker, Victoria Chys
Politicians. The men in suits we love to hate. Enterprising documentary maker Sebastian Rake embarks on a journey to prove that not all politicians are expense fiddling, vacuous, power hungry vipers. Leonard Cartwright could be that man. A firm believer in straight talk, he decides to strike out on his own and start a new political party. A new movement to sweep out the tired and corrupt establishment. Sick of expense scandals and too-smooth men in suits, the nation warms to him. Rake’s film has stumbled upon a brilliant subject, and he gains exclusive access as Cartwright goes from strength to strength- providing an unexpectedly healthy challenge to the main parties in the election of May 2010. The cameras are even there to document the equally spectacular downfall…… Written by Alex Crowley
Country: UK
Box Office
Budget: £5,000 (estimated)

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