DVD Il rivoluzionario

DVD Il rivoluzionario
DVD Il rivoluzionario
Run time: 92 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Denis Astolfi
Writers: Denis Astolfi
Stars: Ilaria Scarpa, Matteo Giorgetti, Veronica Capozzoli
Damiano, aged 21, extravagant, irrational and a bit weird. A shy, sometimes embarrassed revolutionary who decides to start his campaign with a kilt and a tandem. Celeste, aged 20, works as a clerk to save money for the college, responsible, mature and absolutely ‘normal’. Framed in her dreams of a perfect life, dreaming of her Mr Right: nice, reliable, interesting but predictable. Damiano falls in love with Celeste. Celeste does not fall in love with Damiano. Anyway for one night Celeste enters Damiano’s world and gets overwhelmed by an unusual series of events. Around them a lively court of characters, not to be easy labeled: a lesbian couple at the eve of their third wedding, two intrusive and eccentric neighbors, a silently meaningful tramp. Written by Anonymous
Country: Italy

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