DVD Illusion

DVD Illusion
DVD Illusion
Run time: 95 min
Rating: 5.7
Genres: Drama
Director: Roland Reber
Writers: Roland Reber
Stars: Christoph Baumann, Marina Anna Eich, Mira Gittner
ILLUSION is a film about people, their wishes, fears, hopes and longings. A glance behind the facade of daily routine. A visually stunning cycle between reality and illusion, a carousel of emotions with thrilling twists. Eight people that cannot be more different meet in a BAR. For one night they escape their everyday life which is paralyzed of rituals and find themselves in a journey to their world of thoughts, their quintessential lust. Oppressed wishes, sexual fantasies and fears come to the surface and forgotten experiences are revealed. The evening takes its course. Written by Anonymous
Country: Germany
Release Date: October 2013 (Germany)

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