DVD Insoupçonnable

DVD Insoupçonnable
Run time: 95 min
Rating: 4.8
Genres: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Director: Gabriel Le Bomin
Writers: Tanguy Viel, Olivier Gorce
Stars: Marc-André Grondin, Laura Smet, Charles Berling
Country: France, Switzerland
Release Date: 4 August 2010 (France)


  1. For his second film, the director gives here a good performance. A fairly efficient french thriller in the Hitchcock style, as many others. Claude Chabrol could have made this story. But perhaps in a different way. It's not an ambitious movie, but sharply done. You find here the usual scheme of the two evil lovers who want to take money from a wealthy man, played here by Charles Berling.

    But, at the turn of the feature, everything changes. Twists suddenly happen.

    The actors are good, the directing too. Music score reminds me Bernard Hermann's.

    The very ending makes me think of Otto Preminger's ANGEL FACE. Or perhaps I confound with John Farrow's WHERE DANGER LIVES. Anyway both starring Robert Mitchum.

    That's another comments…

  2. We are taken to Lise and Henri's wedding. It is apparent the groom is well off, judging by the opulent ceremony and reception. During the celebration, Lise introduces her brother Sam to a guest. Later on, Lise and Sam are seen outside the mansion in a passionate moment. We are given the impression their relationship is not exactly brotherly, so what's wrong in this picture>

    What follows is an account of a conspiracy that will befuddle anyone that is not paying attention to the details that are being sent by the four main characters in this story of lust, deception and crime. The film was shown recently on a French cable channel. It is smartly staged by its director, Gabriel Le Bomin, his second full length feature. The screenplay is based on a novel by Tanguy Viel, and adapted by the director and Oliver Gorce.

    The casting of Marc Andre Grondin as Sam paid off in unexpected ways. He and Laura Smet, seen as Lise, give nuanced performances giving life to the two brothers that have a lot to gain by the scheme Lise puts together and asks her brother to go along. Charles Berling, who appears as Henri shows an actor who is versatile and always gives his best to any project he is in. Gregori Derangere is seen as Edward and the excellent Dominique Reymond is on hand as Helene.

    The film was shot around Geneva where some of its magnificent views are photographed by Pierre Cottereau. The musical score by Fabian Romer works well, giving texture to the film.

  3. Some will mention Chabrol but you would hardly find the bourgeoisie satire which was that director's trademark.The heroine wants to marry a wealthy man just because she wants a life of luxury.And passing her lover off as her brother allows her to have both (lover and husband) at home.

    But things are not what they seem.The screenplay, based on a book I have not read ,strongly reminds me of Thomas Boileau's and Nicolas Narcejac's complex detective stories with a touch of melodrama thrown in for good measure .

    Directing is effective if not outstanding,maybe too much relying on flashbacks (the director is not Clouzot obviously).The male cast is good: the young lover ,with his childlike looks and his jealousy (he fears the husband might take the best of his "sister") is very convincing.Charles Berling gives a good performance of the widower looking for another true love.Gregory Dérangère (who was remarkable in "L'Equipier" ) is certainly one of the most promising French actors of today.Laura Smet ,on the other hand ,is as expressive as a Buddha.

    The ending takes the easy way out but the movie is a watchable thriller.

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