Run time: 80 min
Rating: 5.5
Genres: Drama
Director: Erik Leijonborg
Writers: Alex Haridi
Stars: Ola Andreasson, Moa Arnald, Astrid Assefa
Elias can not escape his tormentors. They are everywhere, and spew their hatred of him online. He flees into The Secret World, an online game where Elias accepts the Invincible Warrior “S:]iles” guise.
Country: Sweden
Release Date: 25 October 2013 (Sweden)

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  1. Sadly to say the movie reflects a problem that still 2014 is common in schools and other communities. The movie maker has not just brilliantly shown how the main character experiences the situation. But also brought forward an aspect of the inner workings of ones mind that is exposed to these situations.. To accomplish this with what till a start looks like a low budget movie.. It's nothing less than brilliant. I for one wish that this movie was around when i was young and was experiencing events not quite as harsh as these, but still. If this movie had been around, maybe one could have gathered more courage from it. I believe that it is right in time and could be of good use to a lot of people. So I hope people will spread this movie to people experiencing these problems.. Anyway.. Good Job on bringing us a great movie!

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