DVD Ishi no furu oka

DVD Ishi no furu oka
DVD Ishi no furu oka
Run time: 80 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Fantasy
Director: Yôhei Takahashi
Writers: Yôhei Takahashi
Stars: Yuta Furukawa, Ryô Katô, Airi Nakajima
The Rock Falling Village-where a God attracts comets is worshipped and virgin men are sacrificed! A unique fantasy comedy that realizes an out-of-world concept with original images and no CG. A long time ago, a renowned rainmaker was murdered on a hill in remote Ango Village. After the incident, it rained for 100 days and washed everything in the village away. Villagers built a roadside shrine dedicated to the dead rainmaker in hopes of calming his wrath. The rains miraculously stop, but, rocks fall from the sky every time it rains. One day, statue from the shrine is mysteriously stolen, and rocks are falling even thought it’s not Raining. A few days later, they discover that gigantic meteor is approaching which destroy the entire village. Written by Anonymous
Country: Japan

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