DVD Ishtam

DVD Ishtam
DVD Ishtam

Run time: 150 min
Rating: 3.2
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Prem Nizaar
Writers: Sampath Nandi
Stars: Vimal, Nisha Agarwal, Santhanam
Two young people Saravanan (Vimal) and Sandhya (Nisha Aggarwal) fall in love after some initial misunderstandings. Both come from affluent families and seem to be modern in their approach. They have pre-marital sex and get married. However their married life is short lived and leads to a mutual divorce due to element of suspicion. Saravanan and Sandhya meet other people and they are about to get married. However, things take a turn here. Does the previous love continue to haunt them, forms the crux of the movie. Written by Captain
Country: India
Release Date: 24 May 2012 (Kuwait)

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  1. "Istham" is a remake of the Telugu movie "Yemaindi Ee Vela". Original didn't do well in Andhra. One wonder what made the producers to remake it in Tamil. Directed by débutant director Prem Nizar , "Ishtam" stars Vimal & Nisha Agarwal in lead roles.

    The movie tries the explore how hasty decisions in the name of love might affect not only the couple concerned but also the family of origin of them both too. The main protagonists of the movie seem to have brought straight from the 80's era. The "hero of the movie" is a male chauvinist who foul mouths women whenever he gets chance, mistreats an unknown girl for no reason whom he marries after a cheesy romance & dumps her for no valid reason. The "Heroine of the movie" is a gullible small town girl who has come to the city to work , falls prey to the "hero's" dirty talk & after being foul-mouthed , thrown out of the house & further foul-mouthed , still yearns for re-union with that same scumbag.

    Movie is such an insensitive one where there is no role for subtleness or refinement in the treatment of the plot. It is myopic in its vision & strongly opinionated (falsely at that) in its execution which would leave a bad taste for the viewers.

    Vimal doesn't suit in this role of a suave , English spewing , city bred , "IIT" educated , software engineer. He should have worked out on his dialog delivery at the least which is very pathetic in this movie or best must have tried someone to dub for him. Nisha Agarwal looks pretty & manages to scrap though as far as acting is concerned too. Shanthanam doesn't do much other then mouthing double meaning dialogs & taking dig at women in every other dialog of his. Time has come for him to think differently or he would follow suit Vivek & Vadivelu way sooner.

    Songs are not that impressive from Thaman.

    Shekar Joseph's camera seems to have developed a special liking for exploring the female anatomy than capturing the wholesome picture.

    On the whole, "Istham " is a movie which is neither modern in its content or its thinking only ends up irritating the viewers no end.

    Bottomline : Narrow-minded

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