DVD It Just Happens

DVD It Just Happens
DVD It Just Happens
Run time: 42 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Clare Halpine
Writers: Clare Halpine
Stars: Ryan Metcalf, Charlie McSpadden, Clare Halpine
In a tiny apartment, Jade, a trained feminist, Leah, a willing optimist, and Ally, a fervent believer in horoscopes, attempt to sort out the all-consuming issue of love. Well, the romantic-comedy version of love, specifically. But when feminist theories and ‘Mars’ and ‘Venus’ dating rules prove unsuccessful, the girls are left confused and disillusioned. It Just Happens explores the laughable heartache that ensues as a result of fantastical expectation. Written by Clare Halpine
Country: USA, Canada

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