DVD It’s a Lot

DVD It’s a Lot
DVD It’s a Lot

Run time: 96 min
Rating: 3.7
Genres: Comedy
Director: Darwood Grace, Femi Oyeniran
Writers: Femi Oyeniran, Nick Walker
Stars: Femi Oyeniran, Red Madrell, Roxy Sternberg
Shaun’s a lucky boy – growing up he’s had the right education, parents that loved him and he’s never been short of cash. But as he gets older, he finds he doesn’t fit into this world, especially with the self-righteous kids at his posh private school. Deliberately deceiving his family, he enrols at his cousin’s college where he discovers an untouched world of girls, parties and excitement. Desperate to make a name for himself, he tries to impress the top girl, Chrissy, by holding a party for her at his mansion. But all he manages to do is trash the place and even destroy his dad’s prized Lotus! He’s left with two weeks to find £20,000 before his parents get back from holiday and his dad goes tribal. He devises a plan to make some quick money, but he’s going to have to risk everything and tell a whole lot of lies to the people he loves most. Will he try and get away with it and be the top boy he always wanted to be, or will he come clean and face the music? When things get out of hand…. Written by Anonymous
Country: UK
Release Date: 25 October 2013 (UK)
Box Office
Budget: £200,000 (estimated)


  1. I was excited for the release of this film, as it was shot outside my college and I avidly followed the (rather good) marketing campaign on Facebook, leading up to the cinema release. Unfortunately I could not make it to the opening weekend of the film and was disappointed as I loved 'Anuvahood' and am a keen supporter of UK cinema, especially the urban genre.

    I finally got to see this film on DVD today and was thoroughly disappointed. It seems I had a close call not going to cinema and wasting nearly £10 on this rubbish. 'It's A Lot' promised to be a laugh a minute comedy in the style of the aforementioned 'Anuvahood' and the grandaddy of all urban comedies 'Friday'. I can honestly say I sat through the full 96 minute duration of this movie and the most I ever did was smile, and that was at unintended humour. Horrible film, stupid plot, full of stereotypical racist jokes about white people (and I'm not even white) and for some reason the main character's father was the same age as him, was this part of the joke I wondered, or just bad casting? Probably the latter. Additionally, there was nothing new to see here, predictable guest appearance by Tim Westwood? check, lame rushed attempt at morality towards the end? check, not the best looking guy somehow gets the (half) decent looking girl at the end? check. Which brings me to my next point nicely, the main character Shawn, played by writer/actor Femi Oyeniran was an awkward man-child at best and sometimes I genuinely found myself wondering whether the character was supposed to have a mild learning disability and they just forget to mention this in the script. The 'hot' girls are not hot, the funny scenes are not funny, they even managed to make the usually hilarious Jazzie seem tame. And what the hell was up with the weird ending , where his father strangles him for selling his Lotus, with his 10 year old brother constantly kicking him till he slumps lifeless to the floor? This is then followed by a tedious monologue by Shawn about him using the Lotus money to help pay for the treatment of a girl suffering from cancer, to which, hilariously his father then does a complete U-turn (less than 45 seconds after choking him) and saying "You've matured" (in a perfect London accent DESPITE having an African accent all the way through the film) bizarre, just bizarre!

    I wish I could have the 96 mins I wasted of my life back but I can't and so in the end the joke was on me, and will be on you too if you bother wasting your time/money on this lemon. I know I am not alone in sitting straight faced through this, as the film got pulled from cinema after only one weekend – surely some sort of record? I'd be surprised if it made more than £500 nationwide. This film is about as funny as when your nan develops Alzheimer's. My advice buy 'Anuvahood' instead, seen that? then get 'Friday' because that's how a real comedy film should be done.

  2. Funny throwback to classics like House Party, or even Disorderlies. Great cast of characters, and a well written story that is just packed with light hearted fun, and a lot of what you can only hope is the true sentiment of the youth today. From the start you are introduced to the most incompetent, and oblivious adults and the kids are all so mature, and trying to take the best from what life has to offer them. I Enjoyed the story, and how quickly it moves on from the silly teen romp that it could have been, and gets to the business of unity, and helping each other through the toughest of times. A fake charity is evil, and should not ever be allowed, there is a big missing piece in that there are no real consequences besides having to clean some toilets. However I do recommend this movie as a decent little comedy that most people will enjoy. If you have trouble with accents, then you will not understand most of this movie, as a lot of it is really just the promotion of slang, and new jargon, though if you get into that, or past it then there is a decent movie here.

  3. We be like …(Apparently IMDb won't let me use a word for ten sentences … lol si so they are forcing me to put insanity in your head for the next few minutes good: you only live once. go to corporate policy dot org and check that out. Let's have a toast for the Royal Dutch while we're at it. Chinoso I live with a Dominican from Santo Domingo. You know like a native New York City resident for the last sixteen years and New Jersey resident for twenty years before that. The message of this movie is all in the title. The characters are very personal and relocatable what? I don't know it was supposed to say relatable lmao really Google Chrome spell check you don't know the word relatable go figure I still love Adblock Plus but stop cheating the people and make silicon valley pay transportation taxes with the rest us Hey switch it up now OMG Jesus is watching you so don't say any bad words too love all of you Movie was funny, especially the credits)… I'm American

  4. Quite funny and actually has a message behind it. Although some of the jokes are a bit obvious, It's A lot seems to attempt to address many of the issues currently having being faced my young people today. I've now registered to give blood in support of Leukemia. It's been a while since a comedy has actually left me thinking.

    I'd most definitely recommend it to my daughter and her friends and its hilarious how I'm using some of my new found street lingo with her(much to her embarrassment.

    I hope if nothing else, this can show young people it's OK to be true to themselves.

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