DVD Jaana Pehchana

DVD Jaana Pehchana
DVD Jaana Pehchana

Rating: 4.7
Genres: Drama
Director: Sachin
Writers: Aarti S. Bagdi, Neelam Jha
Stars: Birbal, Pushkar Jog, Ranjeeta Kaur
It’s been 32 years since Lily died of cancer. Then Arun meets Lily’s lookalike, who wants to publish his autobiography.
Country: India
Release Date: 16 September 2011 (UK)

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  1. 'Jaana Pehchana' – A sequel to the film 'Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se'(1978).

    'Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se' was a love story which left us on a tragic note when a young Arun Mathur (Sachin) was left alone after his soul mate Lily Fernandes (Ranjeeta) who dies of cancer, leaving him in immense pain.

    Now after 32 years, 'Jaana Pehchana' reintroduces Arun Mathur, who has battled the agony of his past and has risen to be a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, motivated by the memories of his beloved Lily to do noble work and touch people lives.

    Life has always been one of struggle and loneliness for Arun, who could never let go of his past. One day like a breath of fresh air walks in Asha Dayal (Ranjeeta), a successful writer who is on a mission to write Arun's biography.

    Asha lands up at Arun's office, in spite of being repeatedly warned that he is not an easily approachable man and would never grant her permission to write his biography. But when Arun sees Asha's face, he is stunned as he sees a shocking similarity between Asha and Lily's face, leaving him speechless. What is life trying to tell him? Arun is uncomfortable staring into the face of his past, but it is Asha's determination, that gets him to agree to her request and thus they begin their journey of documenting Arun's life.

    After having several meetings, Asha finally brings up the topic of Arun's personal life and asks for Lily's photo. Arun hesitates as he knows that Asha is unaware of her uncanny resemblance to Lily.

    But fate has other plans for them, as Asha accidentally stumbles across Lily's photo. Shocked and consumed by guilt, Asha becomes aware of the pain she has unknowingly put Arun through all along. Hence, she decides to discontinue writing his biography. Arun is taken aback by Asha's stance.

    What happens after this? Does Arun convince Asha to continue with the biography?

    Does Asha get convinced? How do they deal with each other's past?

    All these questions are answered in this heart warming love story.

    Love can never be an unknown emotion as it is always-'Jaana Pehchana.'

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