DVD Jag etter vind

DVD Jag etter vind
DVD Jag etter vind
Run time: 91 min
Rating: 6.5
Genres: Drama
Director: Rune Denstad Langlo
Writers: Rune Denstad Langlo
Stars: Marie Blokhus, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Frederik Meldal Nørgaard
It’s been ten years since Anna fled her childhood home town, but when her grandmother dies, she has to go back. In the week up to the burial, she’s confronted with what made her escaping, and who she was in her meetings with her grumpy grandfather and her deserted boyfriend. Written by OJT
Country: Norway
Release Date: 15 March 2013 (Norway)
Box Office
Budget: NOK 20,100,000 (estimated)


  1. Norwegian screenwriter, producer and director Rune Denstad Langlo's second feature film which he wrote, premiered in Norway, was shot on locations in Åfjord, Sør-Trøndelag in Norway and Germany and is a Norwegian production which was produced by Norwegian producer and director Sigve Endresen and Norwegian producer Brede Hovland. It tells the story about a fashion designer named Anna who after returning to her home place to attend her grandmother's funeral with her literary grandfather, meets his neighbour named Arne, her former boyfriend named Håvard who lives with his daughter named Emma and manages a beach bar and a girl named Elise who works at a grocery store.

    Precisely and subtly directed by Norwegian filmmaker Rune Denstad Langlo, this quietly paced fictional tale which is narrated from multiple viewpoints though mostly from the main character's point of view, draws a reflective portrayal of a woman's relationship with her Swedish grandfather who has a fondness for Germans, her Danish boyfriend named Mathias and her ex-boyfriend. While notable for its naturalistic, atmospheric and prominent milieu depictions, low-keyed production design by Norwegian production designer Kristine Wilhelmsen and sterling cinematography by Norwegian cinematographer Philip Øgaard, this narrative-driven story depicts two humane studies of character and contains a timely score by Norwegian composer Ola Kvernberg.

    This modestly romantic and existentialistic drama which touches on several important themes and which is set during a summer in a coastal municipality in Norway where a woman comes closer to herself whilst she learns more about the history of her grandparents, is impelled and reinforced by its cogent narrative structure, substantial character development, subtle continuity, minimal use of instrumental music, endearing characters, sense of humor, charming and understated acting performances by Norwegian actress Marie Blokhus and the commendable acting performance by Swedish singer and actor Svein-Bertil Taube. A conversational, warm-hearted and tangible character piece and a fine representation of Southern Norway.

  2. After the death of a beloved grandma, Anna returns From Berlin back to her childhood home in a rural part of Northern Norway. She's not very welcome at all. Her grumpy old granddad is blaming her for her parents death 10 years ago, and is suffering a depression. But there's more hidden in the past.

    The film is very well done, and the acting is good. Debuting Mari Blokhus (Anna) is excellent. Tobias Santelmann (Her old boyfriend Håvard), last seen in Kon-Tiki is just as good, and old-timer Sven-Bertil Taube (grandpa) is fabulous. It's a great ensemble, but all the small roles are gems, showing great filmmaking. I loved the tiny parts for the other actors. Anders Baasmo Chistiansn is fabulous in his tiny role as a caretaker at the local church.

    Rune Denstad Langlo Has made a much more serious drama than his first acclaimed "Nord", which I really enjoyed. This is not a comedy, but it's full of subtle humor in which I can't help laughing and giggling to. Grumpy granddad is excellent, but also very funny in his grumpiness.

    The film brilliantly displays great film-work in detail with sound design (Gisle Tveito) editing, use of music and excellent photography (Philip Øgaard). It's fresh, vibrant and subtle. I loved the opening scenes where is not as much what you see, but what you hear, feel and explore.

    This is all great, what could have been much better is dialog. There's so much unspoken. Too much if you ask me, with people seeing each other after such a long time. Pleasant, but unreal, if you understand. It's possible to appreciate also this, but somehow I feel that art has become more important than character development and story here. it would have been lovely if more than the granddad had better developed characters.

    This film is slow paced, like Nord, and is poetic, with some great scenery. But if you're looking for something else than a drama, don't get looking for any dramatically here. This is plain good storytelling with much of the drama on th inside. I was quite touched by the film in a couple of scenes. No wonder this has got some good reviews. Denstad Langlo has proved he's not a one hit wonder! I look forward to his next!

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