DVD Jnah l’hwa

DVD Jnah l’hwa
DVD Jnah l’hwa

Run time: 113 min
Rating: 6.5
Genres: Romance
Director: Abdelhai Laraki
Writers: Violaine Bellet, Abdelhai Laraki
Stars: Omar Lotfi, Ouidad Elma, Driss Roukhe
Plot Keywords: morocco, rebellion, liberty, amore
Country: Morocco
Release Date: 27 September 2011 (Morocco)

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  1. I visited Morocco once and loved the Medina, so I enjoyed this story about a young man whose father is rigid and conservative and disapproves of his son's pursuit of his own dreams. The color was beautiful and vivid. The characters were interesting and believable. Some of the scenes were simply stunning. The romantic characters were beautiful and appealing. The story itself seemed authentic to what I have experienced in Morocco. The story blended some very humorous moments with some very poignant ones. I found the tension between the father's religious inflexibility and the son's desire for personal fulfillment to be quite challenging, as I consider myself a religiously devoted individual myself.

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