DVD John Day

DVD John Day
DVD John Day
Rating: 5.6
Genres: Drama
Director: Ahishor Solomon
Writers: Kartik Krishnan, Ahishor Solomon
Stars: Naseeruddin Shah, Randeep Hooda, Taran Bajaj
Country: India
Release Date: 13 September 2013 (India)


  1. JohnDay is a thriller flick starring Naseruddin Shah and Randeep hooda in lead roles, a debut directorial venture for Ahishor Solomon.The story begins with death of Naseruddin's daughter in some estate known as Casablanca and then follows the delineating of the entire plot and the characters involved in it…

    JohnDay is yet another attempt by bollywood to make sensible movies following movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag,Special 26 and Madras Cafe this year.But unfortunately ,the director here has failed to do the same justice to the subject.The first half of the movie is awesome,and will make you think and deduce conclusions but the other half and the climax disappoint you to the earnest…The climax and the conclusion seem to be totally extraneous and abjured from the script…Given that, the movie does have its high ends especially the violent scenes-they are brutally depicted, violence at its very best in bollywood…Also a slight political theme is added which serves well for the sake of the plot…

    The Screenplay is totally distorted in the second half where the unfolding of suspense is done quite early.The background score is brilliant sometimes but lacks intensity otherwise.Camera work and editing is good…There is no song in the movie which is highly imperative and conducive to the movie…There are some mind-blowing dialogs throughout the movie…

    As far as performance are concerned, Naseruddin Shah does not deliver up to his potential best maybe due to his simple role.Randeep Hooda is the star of the movie,he totally overshadows Naseruddin Shah.He is brutal, intense and not remorseful.Violent scenes are meticulously executed by him.But only drawback of his character he shifts gears at the end.A special mention to Pradeep Rawat for his mind-blowing performance…The rest of the cast does not impress especially Elena Kazan who seems to force her character…

    So, coming to the verdict, JohnDay is a movie that will not be be liked by all. People who are fan of sensible and complicated plots and enjoy violent and brutal scenes must definitely watch it. Watch it for brilliant performances especially of Randeep Hooda.Had there been a suspense element in the movie and had the climax be executed perfectly, this movie would do justice to the otherwise brilliant concept and awesome acting…

  2. "JohnDay" has been borrowed from La Caja 507 AKA Box 507 (2002), a Spanish movie also it is the same producer who gave us 'A Wednesday' (2008). In his debut, Ahishor Solomon, tries to regenerate the charm of the Spanish screenplay weaving it in Mumbai setting. His intentions are honest but you cannot make anything good with honest intentions and borrowed plot. Albeit he has got Naseeruddin Shah and some very fine actor like, Vipin Sharma, Sharat Saxena, Makrand Despande and Randeep Hodda but still fine performances can only do well when we have a well-balanced screenplay. On the other hand, it is mystery-thriller, so all the cards should be played cautiously and revelations should be well timed. "JohnDay" lacks most of the ingredients of an intense suspense- thriller genre and its slow pace gives us a hard time to predict or ponder anything.

    John Day (Naseeruddin Shah), a bank manager and his wife Maria Day (Shernaz Patel) are devastated after the death of their daughter Arika Silaichia (Pearl day). There was a heist at the John's bank, one of the robbers make his wife becomes comatose using her as bait to loot the bank. Eventually John learns that his daughter's death was not an accident but there are many threads and he swears to avenge her death.

    Solomon has got the right plot but the revelation is pretty slow and tiresome, basically nothing happens in some frames and if we simply remove them, you won't miss anything. Randeep Hooda plays a sociopath detective with a troubled past, he is convening in some parts but it really gets beyond as the story progresses. Elena Kazan does not look sincere to her role as she lacked the conviction of a drunk and wasted lover.

    Naseeruddin Shah) is impeccable as always, the transformation of his character from a grief-stricken father into a ruthless human being is just immaculate. A special mention for Vipin Sharma as apprentice of Randeep, plays the role with required menace for his character.

    In a nutshell, JohnDay stumbles on the platform because there were so many things involved and misses the mark of a decent thriller. It has lots of profanity, some gruesome scenes, child abuse and dirty politics, had all the components put on the right track, it would have been a great thriller to watch? 5/10

  3. How much of JohnDay you would like depends on the quantum of on screen blood and gore you can assimilate.Produced by Anjum Rizvi(A Wednesday) and directed by Ahisor Solomon, this thriller examines the transformation of a saint to a beast and the thin blurred line which divides their psyche in the cold brutal world with no comic relief.

    JohnDay(played by Naseeruddin Shah),a bank manager by profession, and a doting father loses his daughter in a brush fire and years later serendipitously discovers the fire was not the result of an accident but rather subterfuge. John swears revenge and finds himself embroiled in a web of intrigues involving corrupt bureaucrats, Mafiosos and other criminal elements which also includes the nihilistic cop with a terrible past,Gautam(Randeep Hooda).

    Solomon unfurls the suspense quite lazily.The motivations of the characters are never revealed,is deeply layered and this well-crafted drama gets busy and stays busy with a coolly cerebral approach which avoids extremes of emotion,romance, and other visceral appetizers though there is blood letting aplenty.In one scene we see the almost-psychopath cop,Gautam tearing off the tongue of a criminal and devouring in the sadistic pleasure when blood squirts out of his mouth.In another one,John in a move of self-protection, bites and rips apart the neck of one of the goons who is recklessly after his life. Now this is definitely not for the faint-hearted !

    John Day assembles the impeccable Naseeruddin Shah and the intriguing Randeep Hooda in the cat-and-mouse chase and both are equally sincere in their performances. A rather-talented Shernaz Patel who plays Shah's wife ,disappointingly, spends almost all her reel hours as a comatose while Vipul Sharma,playing Hooda's apprentice, gets his act right. Makrand Deshpande and Bharat Dhabolkar make pleasing cameos in this inky kingdom of betrayal,power-play and greed.

    An edgy plot of the doomed and the damned,I would recommend JohnDay for those who fathom violence and profanity with the same cynical alert that Hooda's character throws at his prey , while stuffing biriyani till the latter suffocates in despair," Tu Dal-Chawal kha, Biriyani tere bas ki baat nahin hai"

  4. Ahishor Solomon's 'JohnDay' is Gripping In Parts, but not entirely. Reason? An Erratic Screenplay & Slow-Pacing. Had this vendetta fare had a strong Screenplay & a better pace, I'm sure, it would've developed into a much superior film.

    'JohnDay' Synopsis: JohnDay loses his daughter & later realizes her death was a part of a conspiracy led by corrupt cops & gangsters.

    To give its due, 'JohnDay' begins superbly & has a power-packed first-hour, though the pacing is consistently slow-paced. The second-hour falters badly, the sequences don't leave a mark, the pacing gets even slower & the culmination is plain ordinary. Also, the excessive violence puts you off completely. Yet, all said & done, A better Screenplay & better pacing were certainly needed! Ahishor Solomon's Direction is noteworthy. Cinematography is grim. Editing is dull.

    Performance-Wise: Naseeruddin Shah as JohnDay, adds anger but absolutely no depth to the character. Randeep Hooda is much better. He delivers a ferocious performance as the corrupt, evil cop. Vipin Sharma, also portraying a corrupt cop, is incredibly loathsome. Sharat Saxena is electrifying. He portrays a strong supporting role with absolute flourish. Elena Kazan is okay. Shernaz Patel is terrific. Makarand Deshpande & Deepak Shirke are outstanding in cameos.

    On the whole, 'JohnDay' has merit, but it never quite reaches the goal it targeted.

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