DVD Kaikahu Road

DVD Kaikahu Road
DVD Kaikahu Road
Run time: 73 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Fantasy
Director: Marama Killen
Writers: Marama Killen
Stars: Jordan-Leigh Foulds, Lydia Farley, Teal Gray
16-year-olds Flick and Regan, the best of friends – inseparable and as close as sisters. Finally it’s summer! Road trips, parties and good times ahead! At least that’s what they had planned. Stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car, no cell phone reception and their high school enemies had never been high on their ‘to do’ list. A story filled with heart, truth and uncertainty, Kaikahu Road will take you on a journey of what it is like to be a teenager in modern rural New Zealand. Written by Anonymous
Country: New Zealand

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