DVD Kill Keith

DVD Kill Keith
DVD Kill Keith
Run time: 93 min
Rating: 3.3
Genres: Comedy | Horror
Director: Andy Thompson
Writers: Pete Benson, Tim Major
Stars: Marc Pickering, Susannah Fielding, David Easter
Kill Keith: Volume 1. Keith ‘Cheggers’ Chegwin is a household name and has been at the top of his game for nearly 40 years. He’s an all round entertainer and has lived with us via our TV screens on Swap Shop as kids through to GMTV as parents. He is undoubtedly a national treasure, and for nearly four decades has been much loved by viewers young and old. The year is 2010 and hidden away in a damp dark and blood stain cellar is a stranger, a man, a figure in the dark, someone we’d rather not know. He sits through the small hours torturing himself watching Swap Shop on fast forward over and over again. Cheggers Plays Pop posters decorate the cellar walls. The stranger moves slowly around his memorabilia filled shrine; terrifying equipment of torture fill the cellar together with several slabs of dead meat hanging from meat hooks. In the corner a man is bound and gagged in a cage while being subjected to archive TV clips of Keith Chegwin. The stranger is on an evil crusade. What is this … Written by Andy Thompson
Country: UK
Release Date: 11 November 2011 (UK)


  1. Kill Keith is the directorial debut from Andy Thompson. It isn't a big budget blockbuster, and its creators are well aware of this, they don't try to push the film beyond its financial limits and the result is a crisp, well polished production.

    Kill Keith is a slasher/horror comedy, and besides a few cheap, cringe worthy jokes, the humour is lighthearted and clever. The facetious, cheesy dialogue walks a thin line but is delivered flawlessly by the main cast. The celebrities in the film, which are well known UK presenters, including Joe Pasquale, Russell Grant, Tony Blackburn and of course, Keith Chegwin, all gave surprisingly good performances and played their parts for free. Watch out for Brian 'The Vampire' Stokes (Stephen Chance) who is brilliantly funny throughout the film.

    This movie isn't going to be for everyone. The scripting around Tony Blackburn's alter ego is not as strong and doesn't have the witty edge of the other characters. Also, at times, it drags slightly, it's easy to forget that people are getting killed due to the heavy focus on the romantic comedy between Danny and Dawn. However, overall the film is an enjoyable watch, and its fun.

  2. Well first off not being from the UK I didn't recognize most of their actual real life celebrities that were used in the film so I had a sort of outsider view to it. As usual whenever I see a comedy horror title I'm definitely watching it no matter what the subject manner is. It's a good lazy afternoon film with a few moments of great humor and of coarse with it's low budget a good helping of cheese. One thing to NOT expect is a lot of bloody violence as it delves into the romcom area for 3/4 of the way but even with that said it still manages to entertain the viewer for a good bit of the run time due to the over the top characters and the total and complete lack of seriousness. This won't be winning any awards but like I mentioned before It's not a bad way to burn 90 minutes when your schedule is empty and you're just sitting around. The main character Danny isn't a bad chap to watch bungling around & it was amusing to see his little romantic crush with the female anchor Dawn develop throughout the film. Also I didn't check the time remaining so it can't be that horrible for a viewer to sit through. I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it but at the same time I don't condemn it either so I'll give it a 6/10 what the hell,right.

  3. Being laid up with a bad back, I thought I'd while away the hours catching up on some particularly low rated Comedy films. IMDb rates this as a 3.4, the same as 'Jack and Jill' Wow, what a difference that should be! Whilst the crassness is similar between the 2 films, the unexpectedly quality of the acting here ensured that I was fully awake throughout this movie and I found it entertaining enough to try and set the record straight on IMDb. Compared to the other film in my Tramadol induced semi-coma, this should rate a 7, although extra points are awarded for not spending loads of cash and getting celebs out of their comfort zone. Excellent effort Cheggers!

  4. Thought I would give this film a go, as I love a bit of horror-comedy and am familiar with most of the British cast. Kill Keith, for me, had plenty laugh-out-loud moments and surprisingly good acting from all the cast, especially the celebrities playing themselves and I thought Keith Chegwin did a great job.

    My only criticism is the whole Tony Blackburn thing, not sure why the whole alter-ego thing was going on…

    Unfortunately for non British viewers, this might not be to everyone's taste but for those of us who will "get" the whole GMTV premise and the in-jokes, its well worth the watch.

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