DVD Kung-Fu Master

DVD Kung-Fu Master
DVD Kung-Fu Master

Rating: 5.5
Genres: Action
Director: Dou Xiao
Stars: Ji Chunhua, Bryan Leung, Yang Lu
The film that brings a form of Martial Arts that has NEVER been seen before!
Country: China
Release Date: 10 December 2010 (China)

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  1. For anyone who always wanted a movie full of one action sequence after another, you get your wish. This one is hard to rate because what's good is very good, but what's lacking is sorely lacking.

    I've read a lot of negative reviews from a variety of sources. I didn't find this movie to be nearly as bad as others did. I understand that it's actually made up of scenes cut from a TV series, which makes more sense when you know that. If you've ever watched a Chinese TV series, there is a lot of suspense of reality and things, and the acting, can be a bit over-dramatic. It is quite different from TV series' in the US. It helps a lot to know that going in.

    The idea I like a lot – A Shaolin monk (Yuen Biao), who is reputed to be unmatched in his martial arts skills, is put through a series of tests in order to determine if he's up to the task of serving as the Drillmaster for the Grand Commandant (Bryan Leung). He's never really given the option, the tests just fall upon him, one after another. Herein lies what's both good and bad – the movie is an endless series of tests without any story. Some of the choreography and actual fighting are pretty exciting. Yuen Biao still has some great moves (especially for a guy over 50!), making the fights fun to watch. But the endlessness of these tests, and the rapid editing in some cases, is exhausting. This is just too long to sustain this sort of constant barrage. More interaction and story line could have easily replaced some of the action sequences and made for a better pace. The acting of the supporting characters and the crew of fighters is pretty weak and there's way too much diabolical laughing.

    If you're a fan of Yuen Biao and you like watching him mix it up and do his thing, you'll enjoy the many fights. Closer to the end he is particularly impressive as the sure and steady master of a group of well-skilled but slightly nervous young shaolin monks. His real-life experience and solid acting skill lend real credibility to this particular role. Perfect for him as the well-respected veteran.

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