DVD La vie domestique

DVD La vie domestique
DVD La vie domestique
Run time: 93 min
Rating: 5.5
Genres: Drama
Director: Isabelle Czajka
Writers: Rachel Cusk, Isabelle Czajka
Stars: Emmanuelle Devos, Julie Ferrier, Natacha Régnier
Juliette was simply not sure about coming to live in this residential suburb of the greater Paris metropolitan area. All the women here are in their forties, have children to raise, houses to keep and husbands who return home late at night. Today she has an appointment in Paris that is important for her career, but she also has to run errands and pick up the kids from school. During the course of her day, monopolized by petty, everyday tasks, Juliette can feel the noose of domestic obligations and household chores slowly tightening around her neck. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: school, children, female nudity, one day, murder
Country: France
Release Date: 2 October 2013 (France)

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  1. I have never watched even one single episode of the famous US TV series. Even for one hundred euros, I know in advance I couldn't make it. I am just human, after all…I like "women"'s stories, but not like this kind.

    Well, concerning this very movie, I guess this is the same scheme, but maybe with a more slightly depressing point of view. I mean the depiction of the boring daily life of a bunch of suburban women. House wives. Each of them is described in such a way that, if I was one of them, I would swallow a handful of sleeping pills. Between their unbearable kids and their prick husbands, we assist here at a sort of long and painful agony. Everything is fake here. Everything.

    Except, maybe, some deep, deep feelings that we can catch from time to time in very sensitive touch. But, in that purpose, the audience have to watch very closely.

    Not uninteresting.

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