DVD Le météore

DVD Le météore
DVD Le météore
Run time: 85 min
Rating: 6.2
Genres: Drama
Director: François Delisle
Writers: François Delisle
Stars: Noémie Godin-Vigneau, François Delisle, Boris Beauchamp
Forty-something Pierre is serving a fourteen year prison sentence. His mother, who is approaching eighty, visits him every week. Suzanne, Pierre’s current wife, has moved on since he was sent away. Each character gives us a frank account of a period in their lives that seems suspended in time by the fragile connection between life on the inside and the world outside. Their destinies are linked by crime, guilt and loneliness, and like casualties of love and desire, they are dying to stick their heads above the water and breathe the air of life. Written by Anonymous
Country: Canada
Release Date: March 2013 (Canada)


  1. "Le Meteor" is an interesting film to watch, but I honestly found it a tad bit boring. I suppose I fall into that demographic, as the other reviewer mentioned. That being said, I appreciated the cinematography of the film and how the picture strides to delve into the obsessive, guilt-ridden mind of its protagonist.

    I just personally couldn't engage with it and thought waiting out for 30 minutes for something of interest to happen was asking a little too much.

    This film wasn't for me, but that doesn't mean other people won't enjoy it!

  2. I watched this at the Berlin Internationl Festival in February. The movie is very talk-y, as some would describe it. There are many aspects to it and some images (many actually) are not only nicely framed, but also beautifully shot. The main protagonist (ridden with guilt, though aren't we all to some degree) talks a lot. About life, about society, about guilt, about family and of course about the story within the movie (though this brings us back to guilt too).

    There are a few different characters, but the speed this is moving is so slow, you'll either cherish it (for being able to digest the philosophical touches) or bored to death (no pun intended) because of it. The eye of the beholder. It didn't really impress me, but maybe I wasn't ready for it

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