DVD Leelai

DVD Leelai
DVD Leelai

Rating: 6.5
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Andrew Louis
Writers: Andrew Louis
Stars: Shiv Pandit, Manasi Parekh, Santhanam
Karthik (Shiv Pandit) is a happy-go-fun-loving youngster. He loves to lure women. He loves developing a crush on them. In the same college studies Malar (Mansi). They cross each other and hot air blows between them. Obviously they develop hatred towards each other. A few months later they are out of college and get employed in a software company. Karthik’s relative and close friend Suja joins his company and is deputed to the HR department where Malar works. Karthik soon realizes that it is the same Malar his tormentor in his college days and both make it a point not to cross each other’s path. However, one day without Malar’s knowledge Karthik sees her and falls for her and decides to go all out to woo her. How he goes about it including a few mistaken identity causes heartbreaks, leading to the climax. Written by Kollywood
Plot Keywords: tamil, indian, character name in title
Country: India
Release Date: 27 April 2012 (India)
Box Office
Budget: INR 16,605,000 (estimated)


  1. Surprise package. Shiv pandit has underplayed and has made a mark for himself. Very good direction and a nice watch. The story is not all that great. But it didn't need to be. All the actors have played their roles well and the songs are pleasant to the ear. The background music is nice. I really cannot think of a strong negative aspect in this movie. I give it a 9 because of the story line not being strong enough. The actress has played her role well too. Wonder why this movie took about 3 years to be released! Shiv pandit could have had an earlier break in the tamil film industry. Suhasini raju has played very well as a supportive actress.

  2. A fantastic romantic story. After a long time had felt worth watching a decent love story, all four key characters have made their part really well. The way the actor manages his friend and love is superb. The comedies are so gentle, that are nicely placed such that it doesn't spoil the romance, in other words I can call it as right blend of both the factors. Background score adds up to the moments. Pitfall that I find in this movie is the dance sequence that could have been made better though the songs are pleasing to hear. Almost all the scenes have been captured so lively in IT industry. In short it's a good package that leaves some pleasant memories for all fun loving IT folks.

  3. First of all, when I first saw the posters at Indiaglitz, I had a doubt if I was really willing to waste my time for this film or not. But somehow this movie convinced me to actually waste my time on it. But was this an enjoyable ride? You can find it out by just read this review.

    The film introduces us a gang with new faces, a new director/writer and a new musician to the South Indian Film industry. Simply said this is a very young team, and what this young team has got are skills: Talent to entertain the audience, make the time to not go any faster or not go any slower, just make it to go smooth, let us taste a piece of love and make us feel satisfied.

    The lead actors Shiv Pandit and Manasi Parekh who portrayed Karthik and Karunai Malar are two non-Tamil-speaking actors. I looked at their lip-movements and I must say that I was really impressed. The both actors have lived in their roles and had an excellent chemistry from the beginning to the end. Especially in ''Oru Kili Oru Kili'' song and the climax.

    Suhasini Raju who also made her debut in Tamil cinema has also delivered an outstanding performance by portraying Karthik and Karunai Malar's best friend Suja. Santhanam who portrayed the character Vicky was at one of his best performances so far in his career beside ''Boss Engira Baskaran'' and ''Oru Kal Oru Kannadi''. His jokes in this film are actually very realistic and make a lot of sense. His character also brings an importance for the film. Something that is not happening often to the comedians in the South Indian Film industry.

    Sathish Chakaravarthy, who was supposed to be introduced as the musician through this film, had already been introduced to the film industry through the 2010 Tamil film ''Kanimozhi'' because of the delay of the release of Leelai. Sathish has delivered some peppy numbers and a beautiful romantic tale ''Oru Kili Oru Kili''.

    Overall this is a decent romantic flick that is worth to be watched for its realistic, lovely and honest screenplay. ''Leelai'' is a visual treat. Strongly recommended for everyone (especially families and young lovers).

    Verdict: A game for romance!

  4. The easiest way to review Leelai is this: if you are a romantic person at heart in search of a decent love story that adheres devoutly to the genre of romance with no wanton distractions, this is the movie you have been waiting for. The plot was pretty simple but at least there were no gaping plot holes in it-not as far as I could see. It was very sweet and simple and the leads in the movie- Shiv Pandit and Manashi Parekh were extremely good in bringing forth their emotions considering the fact that they are newcomers in the industry. The movie showcased the lifestyle of the urbanites of modern India and I would have to say that the director avoided being to formulaic while making a valiant effort to make a movie that tilts more towards the realistic side of life with regard to the backdrop of the movie. The songs in the movie? They had superb lyrics impregnated with meaning, if you would care to look for it. All in all, the best thing about this movie is that, it does not pretend to be something it is not. At the beginning it promises to be a light- hearted, romantic plus comedy flick and that is what you get throughout the movie. In my humble opinion, the storyline was well paced since it was neither draggy nor rushed. At the very least, if you decide to enjoy the movie, that is what you should feel and I sure hope you would enjoy it because it has got this air of freshness permeating through it that you would not get in most Tamil movies.

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