DVD Les Apaches

DVD Les Apaches
DVD Les Apaches
Run time: 82 min
Rating: 6.0
Genres: Drama
Director: Thierry de Peretti
Writers: Benjamin Baroche, Thierry de Peretti
Stars: François-Joseph Cullioli, Aziz El Hadachi, Hamza Meziani
Plot Keywords: burglary, disposing of a dead body, digging a grave, code of silence, killed by friend
Country: France
Release Date: 14 August 2013 (France)

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  1. A little film that may not stay very long on the screen. Such a shame. Especially if you compare the queuing for the Hollywood blockbusters right in front of the theatres. I am disgusted by the people tastes. Because of their foolishness, such little movies are very hard to make. Producers and directors have many difficulties to set em up.

    But, in France, we have many courageous and determined film makers.

    This story takes place in Corsica island, the french equivalent of Sicily, where many metropolitan french citizens – and not only – are owners of fancy villas and estates on the coast. While they are not here, they ask for the natives to watch over their properties. For instance cleaning gardens and other swimming pools.

    One day, the housekeeper's son brings his teenage friends inside on of these beautiful houses and you can guess the following…

    So when the owners arrive and see what occurred in their villa, they argue to the local folks, not the police, or Gendarmerie. A sort of "local" mafia, who takes care of EVERY THING in the vicinity…

    And the young hoods who were responsible of the damages in the villa get scared when they find out that the caretaker's son – who allowed them to get into the house – may also talk a little too much about the whole affair.

    So, as you can guess, they decide to get rid of him…

    A powerful movie about human behaviour, and racism in Corsica. But I think it could have been taken place everywhere.

    A real must see that leaves you a ash taste in the mouth.

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