DVD Lluvia de Luna

DVD Lluvia de Luna
DVD Lluvia de Luna

Rating: 4.4
Genres: Drama
Director: Marisa Sistach
Writers: Consuelo Garrido, Marisa Sistach
Stars: Marisol Centeno, Natalia Cordova, Naian Daeva
Country: Mexico
Release Date: 7 September 2012 (Mexico)

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  1. This movie has a very particular poetry. It's rhythm is perfect and the narrative beautiful. The story's development is impeccable and the characters are very well represented. The music matches all of this. As always in the director's previous work, the script is very well made and the character development shows actual interest by of the creators. The photography is impeccable and has several resources that contribute to the poetry of the movie as a whole. Although the story is very simple, it is very touching without being melodramatic or over the top. This is an actual piece of art and not a movie made for the sole purpose of selling.

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