DVD Los infectados

DVD Los infectados
DVD Los infectados

Run time: 75 min
Rating: 4.0
Genres: Drama | Horror
Director: Alejandro G. Alegre
Writers: Alejandro G. Alegre
Stars: Alejandro G. Alegre, Marcos Duarte, Mitzi Elizalde
Revolves around Marcos, a thirty something year old man largely unremarkable but for the fact that he managed to escape an epidemic of the undead sweeping through Mexico City – and, indeed, the world – by taking flight and surviving as best he can in the remote hill country. It is there that he meets and takes up with the oafish Renato, young mother Claudia and her young daughter Zoe. The rules to survive are simple. Leave no trace, make no sound and leave no odors behind. The undead, you see, hunt by sound and smell. And no matter how careful Marcos and his group are, the undead are ranging farther and farther afield looking for food as the population in the city dwindles. It is only a matter of time before they are found. Written by Todd Brown
Country: Mexico
Release Date: 30 May 2011 (Mexico)
Box Office
Budget: $3,000 (estimated)

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