DVD Love by Prescription

DVD Love by Prescription
DVD Love by Prescription
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Michael Garcia
Writers: Michael Garcia, Melanie Phillips
Stars: Desiree Crossing, Todd Jenson, James Porter
Melanie is your average successful pharmacist. Well actually she’s not exactly your average anything, nor hugely successful, especially in the romance department but she is a pharmacist and she does seem to have the ultimate prescription for everyone else’s maladies, but no idea how to solve her own. Then on one eventful day she meets what could be the man of her dreams, who she seems to be quite taken by Melanie in spite of her spitting hot coffee all over him. But also on her radar is her delivery driver, who though is extremely annoying, does seem to come to her rescue an awful lot when Melanie, who has this magnetic pull for disaster finds herself in all sorts of unusual predicaments. So is Melanie’s luck about to change? Has she finally found her perfect man? But what is it that defines perfect? It’s all a bit complicated and Melanie must decide which path leads to the relationship of her dreams. That is if her dreams aren’t too unrealistic as she is quite creative. Written by Melanie Phillips
Country: Australia
Release Date: 21 December 2011 (Australia)
Box Office
Budget: AUD 450,000 (estimated)

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