DVD Love in the End

DVD Love in the End
DVD Love in the End
Run time: 90 min
Rating: 6.3
Genres: Drama | Romance
Director: Vasilis Kehagias
Writers: Panagiotis Iosifelis, Panos Sambrakos
Stars: Georgina Liossi, Leonidas Kalfagiannis, Katerina Geronikolou
A girl on a cruise with her family, falls in love with the ship’s lieutenant and has to make a dramatic decision when they reach Istanbul, in the end. A boy, secretly in love with his best friend, finally manages to express his feelings, through a fake Facebook profile… Until she finds out the truth! And two strangers spent a night together in Thessaloniki, falling in love, but when they part ways, the girl’s mobile phone is stolen, along with the boy’s number… Written by Panos Sambrakos
Country: Greece
Release Date: 14 February 2013 (Greece)


  1. Although "Love in the end" is a predictable movie –you know what happens in the end, and that's not a spoiler– the film is in fact a surprise.

    It's a surprise because you don't expect to see such a nice and fresh film about young Greeks falling in love. You don't expect to be moved, yet by the end, most people are in tears. You don't expect a comedy, yet the house was brought down with laughter many times throughout. And you don't expect such an uplift, yet the audience in the theater was clapping with joy in all three finales.

    So go see "Love in the end". Rent it. Go for it. You'll love it… in the end!

  2. This was a really awful movie. The plot is so predictable, the stories so cheesy and thin and the actors are dreadful! Don't waste your money, unless you are 12 years-old…! This is far the worst movie I ever saw and this is definitely a disgrace to the Greek movie industry. This picture was created for advertising purposes only and I am pretty sure that everyone giving a positive review on this movie must be an employer of LACTA or the respective advertising or production companies. Nikolas Aggelis was BY FAR the worst actor of the movie! The only good thing about it was the song! So, if you are expecting to see a sweet and romantic comedy you are bound to be disappointed! Sorry guys…

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