DVD Madhuram

DVD Madhuram

Run time: 63 min
Rating: 7.6
Genres: Drama | Fantasy | Romance
Director: Phanindra Narsetti
Writers: Phanindra Narsetti
Stars: Dharani Addandi, Vinay Addandi, Chandini Chowdary
Country: India
Release Date: 27 February 2014 (India)


  1. This independent movie is one of the best that I have ever watched. One can find the hardwork and well planned narration of a very matured script. Kudos to the cinematography, the locations, music, actors and most importantly the concept and the dialogues. Phanindra Narsetti deserves a standing ovation. The maturity the director and the script writer had presented in the movie is very appreciated.One can see the perfection the director has maintained all throughout the movie. The whole team has a lot more to achieve. Once again this is one of the best in many aspects.Phanindra Narsetti has lot more to achieve, way to go! Good luck guys.

    Thanks, Madhav

  2. Great story with amazing characterization and screen play…!

    The story begins with a ancient character (God Indra) and connects two other stories in a beautiful way.

    The set of the film was good, It was taken in minimal locations but the taking was amazing and music was best for the film.

    This is one of the best in modern times taken with so much simplicity and a feel good story for everyone.

    Words are not enough to explain or summarize this great story. one can only get a wonderful experience by watching this short film. Everyone should watch this to get a great experience.

  3. A Movie which leaves you spellbound…The way café kuncha kola was designed was amazing : Simple yet elegant. Cup telling us a story is new and very interesting. A fresh Movie which gives you an entirely different feel. Fantasy part of the story is very well designed and narrated and it blended very well with the real life part of the story. Screen play was tight and crisp which keeps you glued to the screen. Mentioning great actors like savitri garu, Kannamba garu, Nagayya garu shows the director's love and respect towards art and the people who lived their lives in art. Dialogues/conversations are the life and breath for this movie, which takes you to a different world. Every word in the movie leaves a foot print in your heart (not exaggerating but true). Conversations between cup and the parallel narrator are witty. There are so many aspects in this movie which are beautiful yet subtle. This Movie changes the way we see life around us which make us realize that life is a cycle of events spring, fall, the good,the bad, The happiness and the sorrow. The director takes you to a ride and shows you fantasy,Sorrow, love, Laughter, Pain, Ecstasy, Exuberance..A very well designed tour package, isn't it?

    The way café owner carried the role with out spelling a word is commendable. His expressions in the rooftop scene were amazing. Conversations between Chandini and Ravi are filled with maturity, fun and wit and they lived their part very well. Music is very beautiful. I do not know the technical details but it is definitely a visual treat. The best movie I have ever watched…Perfection at its best in every second of the movie. Looking forward for some more amazings and amusings like this. Keep up the great work you have done..all the very best..

  4. My Rating: 8/10 Genre: Romance/Drama/Fantasy Cast:Ravi Teja, Chandini Chowdary, Dharani Addandi, Vinay Addandi, Sainath Reddy, Vinod Varma, Lalaiah Gangadhari and Vaishnavi. Music: Naresh Kumaran Camera: Praveen Vanamali Story – Screenplay – Dialogues – direction: Phanindra Narsetti Producer: Phanindra Narsetti

    Love, in its purest and uninhibited form, has attracted many film-makers since time immemorial but somehow the thin line between sensitivity and melodrama gets blurred. "MADHURAM" is one such attempt which brings out the raw passion in its purest form without being too melodramatic.


    Better watch on screen.

    Artists Performance:

    Main leads: Ravi Teja is not your typical Telugu film hero.He Suits the role did a decent job. Chandini Chowdari is a selling point to this film H. She did good as an actress.

    Others: Child Artist Vaishnavi plays a very crucial role and has given her best. Rest of the cast played their parts well and Vinod Varma's voice over for "The Coffee Cup" deserves a special mention.

    Technical departments:

    Cinematography, Art and Editing are really good,Costumes and Makeup are OK


    I'm trying real hard not to make spoilers so let me keep the conclusion simple. The story is interesting and the story telling makes it intriguing. Even it starts as a fantasy story and has some coincidental situations in it you will not find it artificial. This one of the best Independent Films in India . You should watch it with an open mind and you will defiantly enjoy it and will appreciate the effort behind it.

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