DVD Maro Charitra

DVD Maro Charitra
DVD Maro Charitra

Rating: 2.9
Genres: Romance
Director: Ravi Yadav
Writers: Umarji Anuradha, K. Balachander
Stars: Aadarsh Balakrishna, Shradha Das, Anita Galler
Country: USA
Release Date: 25 March 2010 (USA)

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  1. First I need to say that I saw this from a Bluray that claimed it was the first Telegu Bluray DVD. Now I'm an American guy and I don't speak the language or know much about India but I upped the rating a couple points because the picture and audio were both excellent and were as much responsible for enjoyment as the movie itself.The songs filled the room with surround sound and the subtitles in English were easy to read and follow. So here's the story. Balu an Indian man is coming home to tell his parents he's dropping out of college because the subjects just not for him. The parents live in a huge house right next door to an identical huge house in which lives Swapna a beautiful woman who sings about being sixteen but looks twenty-five. Her parents really don't like his parents. Of course he sees her and they both fall madly in love. This leads to lots of singing and dancing and the happiness of the couple. Balu's father and Swapna's mother are violently opposed to the love and hopes of marriage. Rather than elope the couple signs a written agreement that they will separate for a year and not see or communicate with each other in any way (internet cell phone etc etc). Swapna's mother cheats by bringing in a relative to marry her and get Balu out of the picture but Swapna loves Balu completely and will not marry the man her mother has chosen. This guy finds out about the no contact clause and takes Swapna to NYC where he knows Balu is to trick her into breaking the contract but she will not see Balu and keeps her word. Now being really angry and he goes to Balu and shows him fake pictures of him and Swapna to convince Balu that she is going to marry him. He also uses a cell phone trick to make Balu think Swapna doesn't love him anymore. So Balu gets all fired up and tells the beautiful woman he works with he loves her and wants to marry her. This gets back to Swapna but it really only angers the mother and the father who made all this happen. It all leads to everyone at the top of Niagra Falls where Balu and Swapna jump off to their deaths. But are they dead? Guess! Okay for a white guy in the U.S. this is about as realistic as a science fiction movie but it's romantic, has fun songs and dancing and beautiful N.Y.C. in high def. That was enough for me. If this sounds at all good to you you're going to want to see it.

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