DVD Me Late Chocolate

DVD Me Late Chocolate
DVD Me Late Chocolate
Rating: 5.1
Genres: Romance
Director: Joaquín Bissner
Writers: Joaquín Bissner
Stars: Karla Souza, Osvaldo Benavides, María Aura
After Moni’s fiance, Xavi, dies in an accident, she decides to do what she loves – chocolate. That’s when she meets Alex, her instructor. The only problem is, she still sees Xavi’s vision everywhere she goes.
Country: Mexico
Release Date: 8 February 2013 (Mexico)


  1. I saw this movie on You Tube(no English subtitles) upon the recommendation of my friend, and I have to say I was not expecting that much, based on what I saw in the trailer. In fact it started out rather bad, but I gave it a chance, and it turned out to be a decent film.

    I am not a big fan of romantic comedies, they tend to be predictable, but this movie was a case where the acting and direction seemed to more or less save the film and bring it up a notch.

    I think that Karla Souza, in addition to being attractive is a very good actress, and seems to more or less take over the three films that I have seen her appear in(this one,"Suave Patria" and "Nosotros Los Nobles"). I do not really follow her career, but in those three, she plays very well, the roll of the rich and spoiled adult daughter. It seems that she should be doing more, and I don't know, maybe she is. For now though, she is fun to watch

  2. I usually don't watch Mexican movies, though I speak Spanish fluently. I gave this one a try thinking it would be somewhat like "Water for chocolate". It had nothing to do with it. What I find most disturbing is how low slang words are used mostly by the female characters like "guey" which to me is a sign of low class. I know the word has become a common but still doesn't make it acceptable. Typical so called "high class" people trying to be more American leaving Mexican values on the side. Horrible! There is so much good talent in Mexico but it seems like in Mexico, directors care more for good looks than content. Until their way of thinking changes, Mexico will be seen through their films as vulgar and so stereotyped where low class will stay low and high class will always be high!

  3. I never wanted to see this movie because I knew it was going to be awful, but god, my girlfriend and her friend forced me to do it. OK i decided to give the movie a chance.but after 10 minutes you can realize how bad its going to be. The movie pretends to be "funny" but the "humor" they manage is not funny, its not funny, as almost every Mexican "comedy" movie, the jokes are stupid, just like watching a pathetic nickelodeon sitcom show. The plot is ridiculous, you have to be an asshole to get catch with that.

    As most of Mexican "comedy's", you have to be a 40 year old spinster to like it

    This movie made me lose money, time, and the hope of watching FLIGHT that day

    When your girlfriend asks you to watch a movie like this, you just have to say no, thats the lesson i can find from this

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