DVD Mit moon

DVD Mit moon
DVD Mit moon

Run time: 91 min
Rating: 5.4
Genres: Action | Thriller
Director: Dennis Law
Writers: Dennis Law
Stars: Tian-Lin Wang, Siu-Fai Cheung, Suet Lam
After the execution of a crime organization’s boss, Andy’s will has left everything to his children, Audrey and Jason. With the new leader appointed he begins the process of extracting the money that is owed to the organization by any means possible from Andy’s children. After a series of tragic events, Audrey plots an evil plan to seize control of the organization, including its assets, and won’t rest until she has redemption for her family. Written by Elizabeth Obermeier, Marketing Manager
Plot Keywords: triad, fighting, martial arts, killer, prison
Country: Hong Kong
Release Date: 21 January 2010 (Hong Kong)


  1. Talk about underusing talent. Here you got Simon Yam,Andy On,Luxia Jiang and more recognizable faces. The moment you see Simon Yam you will be asking yourself what he is doing in a movie like this. Because this movie is real bad. With a cast like this this movie should have been a bad ass movie. Dennis Law is a terrible writer and even more terrible director. And you can see that the action scenes are directed by another guy since they are good and basically save this movie. There is one other redeeming factor and it's the movie villain. Bernice Liu doesn't blow you away with a stellar performance but still she manages to convince the audience that she is bad to the bone. Her looks helped in enhancing that. As I said earlier the action scenes are pretty good. Only wished there were more off them. I also missed some validity for not using guns especially in the opening scene. A gang of crooks are chased by cops and for some reason the cops don't shoot. In stead they resort to hand to hand combat. I love martial arts but a scene like this screamed for a big shootout. And this opening scene pretty much shows what is wrong with this movie. The lack of excitement. Bad blood is worth your time if you are craving for some nice action. Other than that it is forgettable.

  2. Don't you hate it when the first half of the movie is unrelentingly badass only for the second half to turn it into a steaming pile of crap? Simon Yam is listed as the star of this movie, but it really is Andy On. He has developed into a genuinely skilled martial artist with a tough guy attitude and he has plenty of scenes in this movie to show it off. Nicky Li does the choreography, which is aggressive, hard-hitting, violent, and requires athleticism to pull off. Li also did Invisible Target and Legendary Assassin (both Wu Jing vehicles); picture Wu Jing's speed combined with Tony Jaa's visceral power and that's the kind of fighting you get to see Andy On do here. His fight against Ken Lo in an empty dojo is particularly outstanding.

    Except…the film itself sucks, and sucks bad. I can't explain why it's so terrible without spoiling it, but I will say that the second half feels more like a horror movie more than an action thriller. There are movies with heavy darkness and grittiness to them that can be compelling (see: Dog Bite Dog) but this movie will instead make you crack up repeatedly at its ridiculously bad script and predictable storyline.

    In fact, I wanted to laugh at how bad it was, but I was too busy being mad at how bad it was, if that makes any sense.

    Oh, did I mention that Andy On is ridiculously badass?

  3. King Of Triads is a martial arts/crime film that features familiar names in Chinese cinema such as Simon Yam, Bernice Liu and Andy On.It is about a Triad gang that have members that are plotting,conspiring and scheming against one another to become the new leader.Dennis Law produced,wrote the screenplay and directed the film.

    The film starts when a crime lord was executed in cold blood and his will leaves his billion-dollar estate to his two grown children, Audrey and Jason.The decision does not sit well with the criminal peers of the deceased Mr. Lok, who seek to recoup all the money they lost from a forgery plate heist gone wrong. They vote Funky to be the organization's new chairman.One of his first actions as bigwig is to order the deaths of those meddling kids.After Jason dies in car explosion, the grieving sister decides to fight back for her life.Audrey becomes a great fighter. She fights and kills.Death and killings of triad members follow. At the end,she became ambitious and strives only to be triad leader.To add complexity to the story,the will actually reveals that Audrey and her brother's father wanted his children to leave Hong Kong and have a better life while the gang leadership will go to the co- workers. However, she got greedy and betrayed everyone in the Triad including her brother.

    First,the movie should have been entitled Queen Of Triads instead of King Of Triads considering that the beautiful Bernice Liu,who plays Audrey,is the main character of the story.Although the Triad members consists mostly of males,it was funny that the US title (It is actually called Bad Blood in Hong Kong)played some sort of the misdirection to story especially with regards to who is responsible for all the killings.To me,the producers should have just stuck with the same title instead of having it re-titled as King Of Triads.

    Also,the movie became more complicated with the inclusion characters that aren't needed like Calf and the mute woman who speaks via a mobile app and the content of the will of Mr.Lok.Economy of characters and a simple story would have worked better in this film as the audience of these types of movies are in it for the martial arts fight scenes.Finally,the only refreshing thing about it is that it presents women performing martial arts fight scenes which I believe is not really common in Hong Kong cinema especially when it comes to these types of films.But aside from that,this just comes as a generic action film that has more than enough martial arts fight scenes and with a complex but predictable story of the good overcoming the villains in the end.

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