DVD Moi greshnyy angel

DVD Moi greshnyy angel
DVD Moi greshnyy angel

Rating: 3.6
Genres: Romance
Director: Talgat Temenov
Writers: Talgat Temenov
Stars: GĂ©rard Depardieu, Talgat Temenov
The young talented singer Aisha Abroeva has the treasured dream to sing in France, to win the Paris with her talent. Her patron helps with performance of this dream. Her “sponsor” is rather well-founded banker, Ashat Babaevich. The invitation to Paris is already received; treasured Aisha’s dream is close to come true, but destiny gives Aisha one more gift: she meets her true love. Azamat, the young man to whom Aisha’s heart belongs now is the full contrast to Ashat Babaevich. Azamat is poor, has “neither house nor home”. Besides, by time of a meeting with Aisha, young man Azamat worries the difficult critical period as the criminal catches him. But his willing to win Aisha’s heart makes him overcome the difficulties. Aisha faces her own hard times as her former “sponsor” is ready for everything, including abduction, payoff, even murder, wishing to make Aisha stay with him… Though Ashat and Aisha made lots of mistakes in the beginning of their lives, in youth, the love helped them to… Written by anonymous
Country: Kazakhstan
Release Date: November 2012 (Italy)

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