DVD Mong songkraam weeraburut

DVD Mong songkraam weeraburut
Rating: 6.0
Genres: War
Director: Seree Phongnithi
Stars: Pheeraphan Arayaphan, Banleurit Bin, Sorapong Chatree
During the war against the communists, a Thai soldier risks his life to save a Hmong boy from a burning village in the north. The boy grows up to be Captain Songkiat, a soldier who pledges his loyalty to the The Thai nation. As the war wages on, he is sent to persuade the Hmong people in Khao Kor to side with the Thai army, but because of his Hmong blood, the army suspects that he might switch sides and sends another soldier to supervise him. Written by Anonymous
Country: Thailand
Release Date: 30 August 2012 (Thailand)

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