DVD More-Less

DVD More-Less
DVD More-Less

Run time: 112 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Drama | Fantasy | History
Director: Denis Bannikov
Writers: Denis Bannikov
Stars: Janna Vorobieva, Elena Solovyeva
Two women come to the plastic surgery office for the breast surgery. One wants to make it bigger, another – smaller because both of them feel discord with the surrounding ‘perfect reality’. ‘Plastic surgery’ in the film is a hyperbole of a surgery of our minds, feelings and personality. Love, dreaming, lie, betrayal, death – all of them are shown in all aspects – from sinister and brutal till exalt and poetic. The action takes place in three realities: our days, USSR in 70ies and antique times. The main idea of the film – to remain a person and win your own personality from the sales world. The film is shooted in Russia but close to everybody who has a heart and a sole. Written by Anonymous
Country: Russia

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