DVD More Than Friendship

DVD More Than Friendship
DVD More Than Friendship
Run time: 88 min
Rating: 4.9
Genres: Drama | Romance
Director: Timmy Ehegötz
Writers: Timmy Ehegötz
Stars: Michèle Fichtner, Holger Foest, Jakob Philipp Graf
Mia, Lukas and Jonas always where like one heart and soul since their earliest childhood. Until three years ago when everything changed. Friendship became love that is well beyond all conventions. A Part of the society feels provoked by such kind of companionship and meets them with some lack of understanding to say the least. Even their parents aren’t really fond of the situation. Once a year, the trio makes a trip. During which they try to let emotion flow as they come, not having to fear the reactions of others. Now there is the time again for such a trip. And that is where the film starts. After renting a mobile home the journey starts as usual. Only one thing different this time, Jonas was diagnosed with cancer in terminal state a few months ago. The three of them know that this might very well be the last trip they will ever make. Regardless, Mia and Lukas try their best for Jonas not to think of the inevitable. Sadly the vow to spend the last trip only in joy, fails. Written by Timmy Ehegötz
Plot Keywords: friendship, crying, kissing, bisexual man, bisexual male
Country: Germany
Release Date: 3 October 2013 (Germany)
Box Office
Budget: €33,000 (estimated)


  1. More than Friendship .. to be honest at first i expected a quite cheesy kind of movie. But after seeing this piece of work in full, i was surprised. In a positive way. Scenerie and Actors are really good and the emotions carried where astonishingly intense. That meaning in the scenes at the end, where everyone was at this hospital, it managed to immerse the watcher completely. More than some high level blockbusters from my personal point of view. As for the soundtrack, not my cup of tea but it fits the whole project quite well. Only thing left is to wish staff all the best and hopefully some more films, that could be realised.

  2. Just watched this film yesterday and I can't say it was bad but it wasn't great either. I really liked the story idea and the pictures and scenes where really beautiful but I think overall it could have been a lot better. I liked how the fact that Jonas was unwell only crept slowly into the plot but it did make it very confusing at points. What bugged me the most was the fact that there was little "real" conversation that drove the story forward, relying too strongly on pictures instead. This film might come across a tad bland or blunt to some but then it is no Hollywood Mega-production (and I love that fact). Every nationality or cultural group has its very own way of telling, depicting and appreciating stories and art. This is a German film, if you don't like German cinema, don't watch it but you might miss something nice.

  3. I am gay, so I am supposed to like this movie. But I thought it is just okay. This is certainly not worth a rating of 6.6 on IMDb. I don't think it is that good. The photography is good, the story is nice, the locales are beautiful, the performances by the actors are also okay to some extent except for Lucas. But the movie is not interesting enough to hold my attention for long.

    I was getting bored quite a lot. I had to forcibly stop myself from hitting pause often to do something else. While watching it, I kept thinking "what is going on?", but whatever was going on was not revealed or used properly. I was supposed to get emotional and empathize with the characters, but the director or the writer didn't put what is necessary to evoke those responses.

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