DVD Mutumbo the Lost Prince

DVD Mutumbo the Lost Prince
DVD Mutumbo the Lost Prince
Run time: 91 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Leevon Daniels
Stars: Michael Blackson, Michael Colyar, Cory Fernandez
A lost prince Michael Blackson tries to find his way in America. Will Mutumbo find a family that treats him good and a women that will love him?
Country: USA
Box Office
Budget: $50,000 (estimated)

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  1. I watched this movie and its was funny. Michael Blackson was very funny with how he acted in this movie. I think that the story could of been told a little better. The writer i felt left a lot of open ended scenes that was never revisited which made the scenes point less. Also could of use Michael Coyar more in the movie cause he was the funniest out of all of the cast. Cant wait to see it viewed by the public. There was a lot of names in this movie which gave the comedy a little of star power. Cory fernandez was also very funny and would love to see him in future rolls. Young joc was also in the movie but only one scene. I also saw lunell which is also very funny. Good comdey

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