DVD My Naked Villainy

DVD My Naked Villainy
DVD My Naked Villainy
Run time: 127 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Director: Gil Austin
Writers: Gil Austin
Stars: Gil Austin, Barth Bennett, Leslie Ann Chastain
Ian, a commercially successful stage director, mounts an avant-garde production of ‘Othello’ for the sole purpose of destroying Tyson, the actor who stole his fiancee Anne. Fanatic in his commitment to art and personal integrity, Tyson makes the mistake of accepting the coveted role in good faith at Anne’s urging, only to find himself trapped in an escalating nightmare of absurdity, a nightmare that spins out of control and pushes even Ian to the breaking point. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: director, othello, actor, glove puppet, reference to othello
Country: USA

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