DVD My Step Kids

DVD My Step Kids
DVD My Step Kids
Run time: 115 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Jeannette Dawson, John Dawson
Writers: Sean Spoatcoat Brown, Sean Spoatcoat Brown
Stars: Rhonda Beverly, Sean Spoatcoat Brown, Kyndall L. Dawson
My Step Kids synopsis Romantic, Comedy, Kid’s Rated G We have come to time in life were step parents are involved in a lot of raising kids all over the world. People fight temptations every day with stepping as new parents introduced to a spouses children, and they struggle to fit in. What makes that task the hardest of all is the children’s rebelling attitude toward the step father or step mother. Mike is a young man that has found a new love of his life and want to make things serious to the fact of moving his girlfriend into to his home. A mother and 2 kids that has and still is dealing with the lost of the children’s father 3 or 4 years earlier. The kids, a girl and a boy start by rebelling when they discover that their mother (Jackie) is planning to marry Mike. So they beginning terrorizing Mike to a degree that makes “Home Alone” seem like a cake walk, to the pranks they have in store for Mike, who fight’s hard to still make it work, despite being laid off and has a new half a … Written by Sean Brown
Plot Keywords: children, trauma, comedy act
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $200,000 (estimated)

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