DVD Mystico Fantástico!

DVD Mystico Fantástico!
DVD Mystico Fantástico!
Run time: 87 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Fantasy
Director: Anita Doron
Writers: Anita Doron
Stars: Beatriz Yuste, Theresa Sokyrka, Jimi Shlag
On a typical day, this small town is very peaceful. Grandmothers tell stories of biblical monsters while gently slapping the listener with a shoe. The daily routine of sunset ball play is interrupted only by the call of fresh fried sausages, or, perhaps, by the beckoning of a colorful alcoholic beverage. But this day is not a typical one. This day, the sea does not bring the usual boat engine, fish scull or metal briefcase ashore. Instead, it delivers a woman and a doll. A group of Mexican hipsters beach bums come upon this woman and her doll. Louise — who may or may not be a disgruntled hippie dropping out, or a failed Ponzi schemer seeking solace in the ocean — responds to her new surroundings with a coma-like stare. But when her Mexican nightmare refuses to cease and desist, she has no choice but to engage with her new environment. And through mainlining alcohol poisoning, hallucinations, music, a creepy talking doll, lust, friendship and a coconut milk shower, the woman from the… Written by Mashina Arts
Plot Keywords: voodoo, quick romance, mexico, magical realism
Country: Mexico, Canada
Release Date: 3 March 2011 (USA)

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