DVD Naiyaandi

DVD Naiyaandi

Run time: 158 min
Rating: 3.0
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: A. Sarkunam
Writers: A. Sarkunam
Stars: Dhanush, Nazriya Nazim, Vamsi Krishna
Chinna Vandu (Dhanush) is the youngest in a family consisting of father(Pyramid Natarajan), mother and his two elder brothers (Sriman and Sathyan), bachelors who are desperate to get married. The first half is all about how Chinna Vandu meets and fall in love with Vana Roja ( Nazriya ) and due to circumstances is forced to run away on her engagement day. She comes to Chinna Vandu’s house as an apprentice in his brass shop, but his two elder brothers want to marry her. Written by Rajendran
Country: India
Release Date: 11 October 2013 (India)
Box Office
Budget: INR 250,000,000 (estimated)

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  1. The biggest mistake I did in recent times was to watch this movie. Few frames were all it took for me to conclude that this is a waste of time and money and if it wasn't for the latter I would have walked out hours earlier than I should. Dhanush, who came good in recent years through Aadukalam, Raanjhaana, Mariyan has touched the wrong end of the line. Though it was a remake of a Malayalam movie, the script could have used a little more pace. Between this screenplay and a snail, the latter will win the race hands down. Add to this pace, a hero who jumps across a well and creates a new Olympic record in long jump, who in the latter scenes jumps from tree to tree to create another Olympic record, this time in high jump. When such a world class athlete (please compete for India in the Olympics) meets a silly girl (Nazriya) who believes in silly things more than reality ( the kind we call in Tamil Cinema as 'Genelia') sparks fly and hero falls for her (as usual). Villain who wants the girl, the girl's father who resists love only to accept it later, three idiots (sorry friends) who move around with no reason at all and five songs which compete with screenplay for the "Best Irritation Award" are SOME of the many reasons, why I highly discourage this movie. Dhanush scores as the singer but fails miserably as the actor. Nazriya's potential has been wasted totally. Other characters don't even catch the eye. Utter disappointment.

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